Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players split over mysterious gorilla found in-game


Fans are split on what Pokemon a mysterious gorilla sketch could be that was found inside the Scarlet & Violet books at the Paldean Academy.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have been theory-crafting content for expansions since the game’s release, thanks to several teasers dotted around Paldea. The most prominent of which lie within the Scarlet & Violet books inside the Naranja/Uva Academy.

These books contain sketches of Paradox Pokemon that aren’t found in the base game. They include past and future forms of Suicune and Virizion, as well as a look at what the third Scarlet & Violet Legendary could look like.

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But one page of the book has players scratching their heads. It features a Pawmi, Flamigo, and Naclstack, as well as an unidentified gorilla. While some players believe the gorilla is a Slaking from behind, others aren’t convinced.

pokemon scarlet violet book page

Mysterious gorilla divides Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players

The sketch was brought to players attention by Reddit user ninjesh who captioned a photo, “Why is nobody talking about the Gorilla in the Scarlet/Violet Book?”

Trainers in the comments came to the same conclusion as many player who likely stumbled upon the book in their playthrough. “Walk around with Slaking. You’ll see it,” one user commented, implying it was just another angle of the Gen 3 monkey. “It could be Oranguru from the back,” stated another.

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But not everyone was quick to write off Ninjesh’s theory. “A Convergent Slaking could be cool,” one user shared, while others hoped it would be some sort of Paradox Slaking that carried on Vigoroth’s tenacity instead of Slakoth’s slothfulness.

It is possible we are staring at Slaking’s backside way more than Game Freak intended. Being on a page full of normal Pokemon that appear in Paldea, it makes sense for it to be a regular Slaking, but from an angle players aren’t familiar with.

That’s not to say a Convergent or Paradox Slaking is off the table, but we will have to wait for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet expansions to be sure.

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