Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players sick of Tera Raid events: “I just want HOME compatibility”

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet wants Pokemon HOME compatibilityThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players wish the game would introduce HOME compatibility instead of more tiring Tera Raid events.

On May 7, Scarlet & Violet confirmed Chesnaught would be the next obtainable starter in its series of Tera Raids. The Grass-type Pokemon debuted as the final evolution of Chespin in the Generation 6 games. However, some trainers are growing uninterested in any additional Tera Raids.

Instead of more Tera Raids, players are demanding Scarlet & Violet receive compatibility with Pokemon Home. Fans are becoming antsy as The Pokemon Company previously announced that the storage service would appear in Generation 9 in early 2023. So, where is it?

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are becoming tired of Tera Raids

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet announce Inteleon Tera Raid eventThe Pokemon Company

Reddit user Spider_Flash23 revealed they don’t become excited about any Tera Raid announcements due to the sheer number of them. The OP also included a screenshot of Serebii.net confirming the date range for the Chesnaught event.

Shadowlight96 theorized that Pokemon HOME would not arrive until the “last of the starters” were in Scarlet & Violet.

“If that theory holds any water, then we need to wait for Chesnaught to do both of its waves, then Rillaboom and Delphox,” the user wrote. “That would land us just before June 21, which is somehow MAGICALLY… ‘Early 2023’ in the eyes of the corporate world.”

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On the other hand, some players are enjoying the Tera Raid events in the Generation 9 games.

“7-star raids are the only reason I interact with this game until the expansions. HOME doesn’t really interest me,” bay_watch_colorado remarked.

“Surprised a lot of people don’t care for the 7-star raids,” aleeinsanity said. “Shiny hunt all of them lol I don’t have shinies of most of these waiting in HOME. Chesnaught has one of the best shiny starter forms. In my personal opinion, can’t wait to add him to my collection.”

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