Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players request one major improvement in gen 10

Pokemon gameplayThe Pokemon Company

After having experienced Pokemon Scarlet & Violet themselves, Pokemon trainers are now requesting one major improvement for the next mainline installment: Voice acting.

The recent Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launch may have some glaring performance issues, but the new release has been heavily praised for its storyline and presentation.

With flashy visuals and explosive animations, players have been charmed around the globe. So much so that this launch has already become Nintendo’s fastest-selling release ever.

Though one downside has left a portion of the community divided. While the new iteration is seemingly a step up in most aspects, the lack of voice acting has left many players wanting more from the follow-up.

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Pokemon fans want voice acting for generation 10

A Reddit user created a post on November 24, voicing their desire for voice acting in the next mainline installment to the franchise.

“Scarlet/Violet had great cutscenes, which made the exclusion of voice talent way more noticeable. The next game needs to have voice acting, period,” they stated.

“Some of the scenes in this game would have been significantly elevated and extremely memorable with voice work behind it. You can feel the great family entertainment magic behind it, but without any voice acting it falls so flat compared to what it could be,” the player continued.

Many users are in resounding agreement with the user.

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“Even something like Persona 5, where they at least make sounds or say a few words, would be very welcome,” another Pokemon fan added.

“Not every line of dialogue needs to be voiced (though some grunts would be nice) but cutscenes deserve to be voiced, at the very least,” said Redditor ShinyGrezz .

It’s impossible to say whether or not Pokemon will ever implement voice acting in future mainline entries. But considering the vast majority of triple-A games include voice acting, one would assume it’s only a matter of time until The Pokemon Company picks up on this practice.