Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players highlight major issue missing in 1.2.0 update

shiny bagon in wall

A massive patch intended to fix Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s many performance issues is coming later this month, but players have highlighted a major issue missing from the 1.2.0 update patch notes.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may have launched to immense retail success, but players were critical of the game’s performance. The first week after launch, online forums such as Twitter and Reddit were flooded with complaints regarding bugs, janky performance, and crashes.

And players quickly realized that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s spawns weren’t optimized either. Pokemon models would poke through walls, and in some instances, entire hoards of Pokemon would spawn in unreachable locations outside the map.

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This wouldn’t be as big an issue if Shiny Pokemon didn’t exist. With every wild encounter having a chance to be Shiny, it’s possible for players to miss these incredibly rare creature due to how the game’s spawn mechanics work. And that’s been on full display as of late.

Shiny Pokemon found outside of Paldean borders

As showcased in many clips on Reddit and Twitter, players have regularly found Shiny Pokemon out of bound all across Paldea. Just beyond the walls of a cliffside or the floor beneath a player’s feet there are fairly large areas for Pokemon to spawn.

In the clip shown above, just beyond one of the walls in the Asado Desert, is enough room for six or more Pokemon to spawn. And in the middle of the pack is a Shiny Orthworm.

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In the examples below, players encountered a Shiny Salazzle iniside the walls of a cave, and one player tripped over a Shiny Glimmet that was stuck under the floor of Area Zero’s crytal caverns.

However, in the recent patch notes provided by Nintendo, an update addressing spawn issues is nowhere to be found. This has left players furious.

“A reminder that they didn’t fix sh*t on patch 1.2.0. I’m disappointed,” one user commented. Twitter user HoodlumCallum stated, “I hope they fix wall shiny hunts.” To which a use replied, “God me too. I haven’t found one in the walls yet but the paranoia of it happening sucks.”

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Nintendo has stated that more updates are coming in the future, but players will have to wait until then before they can stop worrying about what Pokemon lurk inside the walls.