Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players fascinated as Sonia Easter egg discovered

professor sonia looking at destoyed mural as seen in pokemon sword and shield.The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have discovered an easter egg that references a book written by Professor Sonia, a key character from Sword & Shield.

The exact timeline of Pokemon games is confusing with it often being unclear if the mainline entries are sequels of each other or completely disconnected.

Old Pokemon characters have featured and even aged in newer entries with Red and Blue both making appearances as adults in Ultra Sun and Moon. Similarly, a younger version of Alola Trial Captain Mina appears in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee!

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Now another reference has been found in the Gen 9 games suggesting that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet take place after Sword & Shield.

Sonia Easter egg makes Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players question timeline

Japanese Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have discovered that one of Professor Sonia’s books can be read in the library of Naranja Academy.

When translated the entry read: “We made for the town of Stow-on-Side, which sits tucked away in the mountain, to study an ancient mural painted upon a wall of rock. But our plans, and the mural itself, were shattered by an attack from a Copperajah.”

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Continuing on the book concludes: “Yet behind the mural, what should we find but a pair of Pokemon statues, one bearing a sword and the other a shield! These statues, older than any artifact we’d yet discovered, called into question everything we knew about the legendary hero.”

The book describes a story event from Pokemon Sword & Shield. In a fit of rage, Bede tricks Chairman Rose’s Copperajah into destroying the mural found in Stow-on-Side. After the mural falls a hidden statue of the cover Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta is revealed.

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This discovery has Pokemon players questioning the timeline with one fan responding: “Does that mean that SV is in a chronological order after Sword and Shield?”

Another reply theorized when Scarlet and Violet is set: “Sonia, maybe? Scarlet & Violet looks to take place like a few years after Sword & Shield?”

Certainly, if the events of Sword & Shield are referenced it would be natural to assume Scarlet & Violet take place afterward. The exact gap between the two games is hard to judge although the upcoming DLC could reveal more.

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