Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players debate whether Gen 9 has the best or worst Shinies

pokemon scarlet vioelt shiny debate

With each new generation of Pokemon comes a fresh batch of Shiny Pokemon, and Scarlet & Violet players are debating whether Gen 9 has the best or worst Shinies ever.

When a Pokemon game is released, one of the first questions on every player’s mind is what all of the new Shiny Pokemon look like. Opinions on these alternate color schemes flood the internet, with players either loving or hating each new Shiny form.

But with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, some of the new Shinies have players claiming that Gen 9 is the worst generation for Shiny pokemon. While some players think the exact opposite, stating Scarlet & Violet offer the best Shiny Pokemon.

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This debate has been raging for months, with trainers on both sides often using the same handful of Pokemon to justify their stance.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Best or Worst generation or Shinies?

This debate has been transpiring since the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but was recently reignited by Reddit user ImMrR0B0T0. They stated, “Gen IX has a lot of questionable shinies, but it’s also given us some of the best,” while showing images of Shiny Oikologne, Wugtrio, Toedscruel, Cetitan, Klawf, and a few others.

These Shinies were used to refute the point that Gen 9 has the worst Shiny Pokemon, and they are loved by the majority of the community. That said, the comments had adverse opinions to share regarding Scarlet & Violet’s rare encounters.

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“There are a lot of good shinies this gen, but there are also a lot of ones that you’d need a magnifying glass to see the difference,” one user commented. A reply concurred, stating, “Charcadet and its evolutions are possibly the worst shinies ever made.” Another claimed that for every Shiny as good as Koraidon, there is an Armarouge or Tandemaus (universally disliked shinies).

Others argued that, while Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have various stunning Shinies, Gen 9 introduced the worst Shiny Pokemon. Not saying that they are all the worst, but that quite a few have little to no noticeable changes in color, putting them at the bottom of the barrel (i.e. Goldengho, Tandemaus, Ceruledge).

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This debate will likely rage on with no concrete conclusion, similar to the recent division surrounding Pokeball selection.