Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player teaches Slither Wing how to dance

Slither Wing Dance Pokemon Scarlet VioletThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have offered players new ways to interact with Pokemon both in their party and in the wild. One player has decided to teach a wild Slither Wing new tricks.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is one of the most immersive games currently available in the series. From the vast open-world players can explore, to the unique animations and behaviors of the over-world spawning species, players can truly feel the life in the Paldea region.

Fans can spend time getting to know their Pokemon team, setting up picnics to eat sandwiches, play with toys, and get cleaned up after battles. Additionally, both in and out of picnics, Pokemon companions can be seen exploring the areas they are currently in, and even taking adorable naps both alone and in piles with other party members.

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However, one Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has stepped it up, setting out to befriend and discover the behaviors of wild species. In doing so, an encounter with a wild Slither Wing turns into an adorable dance party.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Slither Wings bob to the beat

In a Twitter post by UrSupportGF, the Scarlet & Violet trainer shares a short video of their Gen 9 character and a Wild Slither Wing. Viewers can see the character bobbing up and down in front of the Paradox species before it bobs back.

The adorable dance is an example of the way players can now interact with the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet spawns, endearing the many different species to trainers in a way that wasn’t possible in previous games. Fans in the comments are just as excited and impressed, sharing their thoughts about the bonding moment.

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One player comments, “our favorite paradox mon just proving why it’s our favorite LMAO” and another adds, “Wait this is cute af.”

The animations Pokemon Scarlet & Violet species are capable of in the Gen 9 games genuinely add a new level of depth to traveling the region and becoming a master trainer. While battling is a critical part of any Pokemon game, taking a break for a dance party is just as fun and this Slither Wing definitely knows how to bob to the beat.