Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player is ambushed by Marill while making sandwiches

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Marill AmbushThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has found themselves in a sticky situation after a stop to craft a sandwich triggers a mob of wild Marill. The Gen 9 fan is stumped on how to escape the ambush.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers are experiencing a different type of adventure in the Gen 9 region. The open-world map is loaded down with wild species that spawn in the overworld, and each one has its own set of behaviors that add immersion to each area.

However, there are some quirky consequences to these new features in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Wild Pokemon will appear in the backgrounds of battles, either cheering on their wild companion or looking worried as they suffer blows. They will also surround a trainer while the menu or bag is open, even though a battle can’t be instigated.

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One fan has encountered a particularly startling uprising of wild Pokemon, finding themselves at the center of an ambush during a leisurely sandwich-making session.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer is surrounded over a sandwich

In a Twitter post by Lumisoda, the trainer shares a video clip from their character’s perspective during a picnic. The text reads, “I just wanted to enjoy my sandwich but then I got ambushed”.

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet video shows a mob of wild Marill surrounding the player on all sides. They all can be seen looking expectantly at the camera as if intent on stealing any sandwiches that might be present at the player’s picnic.

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Fans in the comments warn the player to oblige the Marill, with one stating, “Give it to them” and another adding, “You sharing that?” Another fan comments, “they are in awe of your sandwich-making prowess.”

While it can be unsettling to become the center of attention during activities like picnics or battles, it is a unique feature that makes the journey through Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Paldea region all the more enjoyable – though trainers may want to think twice about where they choose to set up camp if they don’t want a hungry audience popping in.