Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player abandons Shiny for even cooler prize

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One Pokemon trainer showed off a hilarious clip where they abandoned a Shiny Zweilous for something else that caught their eye.

Shiny hunting is one of the biggest pastimes of Pokemon fans once they finish the main story, as it is a simple, cathartic way to pass time.

Thankfully, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced some excellent additions to the gameplay that made Shiny hunting much more accessible and easy to do than in past Generations.

As such, sometimes players are simply spoiled for choice while hunting for these rare Pokemon in the Paldea, as showcased by one trainer who did the unthinkable and passed up a Shiny Zweilous without a second thought.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer forgoes Shiny Zweilous

A Reddit post from user Cloverinepixel on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit titled, “Man, screw this Zweilous” gained a lot of traction among the community after they showed off an insane bit of luck in a short video clip.

The video showed the trainer running around in the Great Crater of Paldea (Area Zero) before stumbling across a Shiny Zweilous. They quickly beelined for the green-colored Dragon-type and got into a battle with it.

However, right as the battle began, more Pokemon spawned in the background. As luck would have it, one of those newly spawned Pokemon was none other than a Shiny Roaring Moon—the Paradox Pokemon based on Salamence that is exclusive to Scarlet version.

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No doubt to many viewers’ surprise, the trainer proceeds to run from the Zweilous to instead immediately try and catch the Shiny Roaring Moon. While the Shiny Roaring Moon is arguably a much more valuable catch, running from a Shiny Pokemon is all but unthinkable to most long-time fans. “No Save and no Gallade/Breloom?! Ma heart,” said one shocked trainer.

Though the brief clip ends before the trainer caught either Shiny Pokemon, they did return to the comment section of the Reddit post to reassure concerned players that they didn’t miss out on two rare Pokemon. “Don’t worry, I got both.”

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