Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans want these missing Pokemon in Paldea DLC

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Despite the wide variety of pocket monsters available in the Switch game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have a list of creatures they’d like to see in DLC.

The Nintendo Switch plays host to more than 10 Pokemon-branded adventures, including 2022’s Scarlet and Violet.

As a result, there’s no shortage of Pokemon for players to catch and use in battle. But given the sheer number of creatures in the Pokemon universe, only a fraction of them have appeared on Switch.

One fan of the series has, thus, taken it upon themselves to create a list of pocket monsters they hope will eventually arrive in downloadable content.

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Here are the Pokemon that players want for Scarlet & Violet DLC

Reddit user bruinjohn compiled a list of the 38 monsters who’ve yet to feature in one of the Switch’s many Pokemon games. Sparking further discussion, the Redditor asked fellow fans which creatures they’d like to see in DLC or a Tera Raid event.

The full list includes the likes of Blitzile, Hoopa, Minior, Panpour, Snivy, and Watchgod. However, users pointed out that several of the mentioned monsters, such as Ducklett, Swanna, and Toucannon, actually pop up in Pokemon Snap.

Either way, many agree these characters do deserve a spot on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet roster in a potential DLC release.

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“I’m hoping Deoxys, Furfrou, and Minior get support in the DLC,” one Scarlet and Violet fan wrote. “My boy Minior needs some love,” another fan said with a frowning emoji to emphasize their point.

Ignoring the rumors and leaks that continue to circulate, Game Freak has yet to confirm its DLC plans for the newest Pokemon game. If and when the studio will make a formal announcement is anyone’s guess.