Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leak claims 6 fan-favorite features removed

pokemon scarlet and violet nemona throwing a pokeballGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

An anonymous leaker claims that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet won’t include a few fan-favorite features.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leaks that fans believe to be legitimate have started to surface online. While one source has been leaking blurry images of NPCs and new Pokemon, the other has been answering specific questions.

The leaker has taken on the moniker Mr. Kaka and claims to be a QA tester for the upcoming Pokemon title. They hosted a Q&A session on their now-deleted Twitter account, leaving fans with a wealth of information if true.

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However, not all of the info they shared was positive. In a compilation of all of Kaka’s leaks posted by Reddit user Magister_Xehanort, there are seven features that won’t return in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

6 features removed from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Among the leaked information was some exciting news. Overworld shinies will be returning and you can take on the game’s gyms in any order. And with three cities and nine towns, there’s plenty for players to explore.

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That being said, there are a few features players will miss when entering Gen 9. Here’s what’s been removed from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

1. Bikes

According to Kaka, players won’t be able to obtain a bike. Biking has been a staple means of mobility in several of the mainline games, but not in Gen 9. However, they did state that players would be able to ride the game’s box legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon, to climb, swim, and fly.

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2. Fishing

You can forget about chain fishing for Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet because there won’t be fishing at all according to Kaka. There wasn’t fishing in Legends: Arceus, but that was because of the free-aim Pokeball throwing. Maybe that will return in Gen 9.

3. Less Clothing Options

In Gen 8 and Legends: Arceus, players were treated to a massive wardrobe of customization options from head to toe. But according to Kaka, that won’t be the case in Gen 9. While players will have a lot of hats, glasses, hair, and face options; they won’t be donning the sickest new threads, only school clothing

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4. No National Dex

Kaka claims the National Dex has once again been axed, and the potential 1,000 Pokemon have been widdled down to around 400. Of course, with the new HD textures shown off in the trailers, hopefully, we will see Pokemon through a new, prettier lens. Kaka also claims there will be DLC that could re-add cut Pokemon.

5. No New Fossils

It seems as if there won’t be any new Fossil Pokemon. This will be the third generation (gens II & VII) that did not add any new Fossils to the dex. This doesn’t mean Fossil Pokemon won’t be in the game at all, but you won’t find any new fossilized mon in Gen 9.

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6. No Previous Gen starters

Fans often love to obtain a starter Pokemon outside of the generation they’re playing in, especially if one of them is from the first gen they ever played. Sadly, there won’t be any starters in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet outside of the one introduced in Generation 9 if Kaka is to be believed.

Despite so many features being removed, it seems like the positive leaks outweigh the negative. Many of the comments on the Reddit post are praising the new forms and gimmicks.

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That being said, we can’t be 100% certain that these leaks are legitimate. But if the general consensus of Pokemon fans is anything to go by, Mr. Kaka could be a credible source for Scarlet & Violet leaks.