Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leak allegedly reveals Gen 9’s map

pokemon scarlet and violet town map leak header imageThe Pokemon Company / Game Freak

One leaker claims they’ve leaked portions of the world map from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, giving an idea of what locales players can expect.

News surrounding Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been sparse for some time now, with the last bit of news coming from the game’s second trailer which revealed the new professors, new Pokemon and much more.

After nearly two months, more and more leaks are starting to flood the internet as fans grow antsy for more news from Game Freak and The Pokemon Company.

Now, another potential leak has surfaced, this time offering up two photos showing portions of the alleged map for Generation 9.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leak reveals map

Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet region screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Fans have seen a bit of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s sprawling open-world already, but not the full map yet.

The alleged leak originally surfaced thanks to PoryLeeks on Twitter. Shortly after posting them, the tweets were deleted and PoryLeeks shortly followed up claiming they “had to nuke the post of the maps.”

However, the leaked images quickly made their way onto the PokeLeaks subreddit, where user thehousemasta reposted them.

Unfortunately for fans eager to see a real glimpse of Scarlet & Violet’s full map, both images only show a portion of the map — and an extremely blurry portion at that.

Portion A shows a grassy area with what appears to be a forest and multiple rivers dotted about the landscape.

Additionally, there appear to be several buildings or landmarks dotting the area.

The landmark at the bottom of the map could potentially be the player’s house, as we know from the reveal trailer that it sits atop a cliff overlooking the sea.

Portion B appears to show the upper west side of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s map, which boasts what could be a small desert region and a dense forest or lake area.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make out any concrete details from these leaks, but if they are indeed real it seems as though Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s main region will be just as varied as past generations.