Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players defeat 7-star Inteleon in one turn

pokemon scarlet violet inteleonThe Pokemon Company

Skilled Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players were able to take out Inteleon the Unrivaled in one turn with a one-hit knockout maneuver.

Developer Game Freak recently added another 7-Star Tera Raid event to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Inteleon the Unrivaled’s Ice Tera type is the star of the show.

This particular raid battle will appear on two separate occasions, the first of which kicked off on April 27 and will end on April 30. Scarlet and Violet players can take yet another shot at the raid from May 4 through May 7.

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Some users have already had their fun with Inteleon, though, managing to defeat the boss in one incredibly strategic turn.

Scarlet & Violet players defeat Inteleon with a one-hit knockout

A Redditor who goes by Nommable123 has shared gameplay footage of their incredible win against Unrivaled Inteleon. The player had help from a co-op partner but that doesn’t make their victory over the 7-star boss any less impressive.

In under 30 seconds, the Scarlet and Violet users finish off the boss after just one turn. A second post from the Redditor outlines the strategy that went into taking on Inteleon, which involved a few instances of powering up Tauros so it could deal a devastating blow with Fire Blitz.

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“This was sexy af,” a Reddit user wrote in response to the post above. Others were especially pleased that the original poster shared their tactics and team setup details.

Since Inteleon’s raid event in Scarlet and Violet won’t end until April 30, players interested in going for a one-hit KO have some time to get their ducks in a row.