Where to find Gible, Gabite & Garchomp in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans can catch the Dragon/Ground-type Pokemon Gible while exploring the Paldea region and evolve it into Gabite and Garchomp. Below is everything you need to know to find it.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have their pick of excellent Dragon-types when roaming the Paldea region. From the Kantonian Dragonite to Galar’s illusive Dragapult, there are more than a few options to fill out a team with power and brawn. This includes the Sinnoh-era Gible, which eventually evolves into Garchomp.

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Garchomp is most notable for its appearances in the XYZ Pokemon anime episodes as a companion of Professor Sycamore, but it has also been loved by fans for its dinosaur-inspired design and powerful movesets.

Below, fans can learn everything about where to find Gible in Scarlet & Violet, and how to evolve it into Gabite and Garchomp.

Where to find Gible in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon trainers looking to add Gible to their team will only have to look at places on the West side of Paldea:

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  • Above the Asado Desert where the rivers intersect
  • On the coast of West Province (Area One)
  • South Province (Area Six)
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Gible lurks in Paldea’s caves

How to evolve Gible into Gabite

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will see their Gible evolve into Gabite at level 24.

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This is a surprisingly low level for a Dragon-type Pokemon, though the stretch between Gabite and Garchomp is much longer.

How to evolve Gabite into Garchomp

Pokemon trainers who have put in the time raising their Gabite will see it evolve into Garchomp at level 48.

This can take a good deal of commitment and level grinding but will be well worth the wait once it is fully raised.

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