Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans unearth Pikachu clue in trademark

Zackerie Fairfax
new pokemon model feature image

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans are convinced they’ve unearthed a new Gen 9 model for Pikachu after Nintendo and Game Freak filed a trademark application.

Generation 9 of Pokemon is just a few months away, and anxious fans are seeking any morsel of leaked Scarlet & Violet content. From the daily “leaked” Pokemon on Reddit to clues left by the Riddler, it’s hard to gauge what’s real and what isn’t.

As we approach the games’ release date, more information will become available whether it be through trailers, special broadcasts, or the inevitable early copy leaks.

That being said, a trademark filed by Game Freak has given players a sneak peek at a new Pikachu model, and players are already theorizing what it could be for.

New Pikachu model trademarked by Game Freak

The trademark was discovered shortly after an automated Twitter account, aptly named trademark_bot, posted four still images of a new 3D Pikachu model.

The applicants were listed as Nintendo and Game Freak, as well as Creatures. Creatures Co. is an affiliate of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company that has helped model Pokemon since 1998.

The model was classified to be used for electronic games, clothes, and game tools. With all of this information, Pokemon fans drew up their own theories as to what the new Pikachu could be used for.

Due to its high definition, players thought it was a new model for Scarlet & Violet. Others disagreed, stating it didn’t look detailed or “realistic” enough for Gen 9.

This was followed by a wave of reboots and new game suggestions including Pokepark 3, ai for the long-awaited Pokemon Sleep, and Hey You Pikachu 2.

Of course, we won’t know for sure what this Pokepal is going to be used for until he’s revealed in a Pokemon title. Maybe he awaits us in Gen 9, or maybe he will watch us while we sleep.