Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans speculate Mega Evolution DLC after new Roaring Moon info

Roaring Moon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.Game Freak

A new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet social media post gives a description of Roaring Moon, and one specific detail has many hoping for the return of Mega Evolution in future DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been out for several months, and many people are hitting the end of base-game content. With Seven-Star Tera Raids locked behind the completion of the post-game, fans who blew through the story to participate in events are ready for something new.

However, details on potential DLC haven’t yet been revealed by Nintendo or Game Freak, with Nintendo instead expanding on info for newly introduced Pokemon. Most of these small facts are already known thanks to the Pokedex, but a few posts have included interesting tidbits that have many hopeful for what may come next.

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One of the most recent Pokemon Scarlet & Violet descriptions focuses on Roaring Moon. The Paradox Pokemon is exclusive to Scarlet and appears to be a version of Salamence from the distant past. However, its design also resembles a more recent evolutionary form.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet post references Mega Evolution

In the post by Nintendo of America on Twitter, the publisher shares a series of images featuring Roaring Moon. The text above reads, “Roaring Moon is one of the mysterious Pokémon you can meet in #PokemonScarlet. This Pokémon is thought to resemble a Salamence undergoing a phenomenon seen in other regions.”

The “phenomenon seen in other regions” references Mega Evolution, which was present in Gen 6’s Kalos region, as well as Gen 7’s Alola region. Additionally, it was integrated into the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire remakes that were released during the Gen 6 era of the game series.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans in the comments have not missed the references, with one stating, “I do like how the lore surrounding Mega Evolution consistently suggests that Mega Pokémon are just how regular Pokémon looked in the ancient past.” and another adding, “Phenomenon seen in other regions.” It’s Mega Evolution. Just say it”.

Other fans encourage Nintendo to say the mechanic’s name rather than allude, wanting more answers about the possible content that could come in the future.

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation at this time that Mega Evolution will be possible at any point in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s base game or DLC. If there are plans to introduce the mechanic to the Paldea region, it will likely come with DLC news sometime in the future.

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