Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans in shambles after leak claims Sprigatito “stands up”

Game Freak has yet to officially reveal the final evolutions for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet starters, but a leaker’s hint about Sprigatito’s third form is leaving players distraught.

Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company dropped the first Gen 9 trailer revealing not only a beautiful open world, but also Scarlet & Violet’s three starters: Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito.

Instantly, Pokemon fans divided themselves into camps defending their favored starter’s honor. However, potential Sprigatito stans are hesitant to commit until they see how Game Freak treats its final form’s design.

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Trainers are concerned that Sprigatito will undergo a similar transformation to the Gen 7 starter Litten. And if notable leaker Riddler_Khu is to be believed, those fears might become a reality.

sprigatito in pokemon scarlet and violetThe Pokemon Company
Sprigatito is the Grass-type starter for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon leak claims Sprigatito “stands up”

Sprigatito, like Litten, is another Pokemon that closely resembles a house cat. Its green coat and oversized eyes are the only parts of its design that make it feel more like a Pokemon.

Despite its simplicity, a large number of Pokemon fans love its design but fear it won’t feel like a pet when it evolves. This happened with Litten/Torracat who evolved into Incinerator, a bipedal pro-wrestling humanoid fire cat.

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When Sprigatitro was revealed, players urged Game Freak to “keep its paws on the ground.” But a notable leaker known as Riddler_Khu has all but squashed these hopes of a quadrupedal final evolution.

A Twitter user commented on one of the Riddler’s posts asking if the cat stood on two legs or four. He simply replied, “It stands up.

This led to a number of trainers lamenting the loss of their dream Spirgatito final evolution. “That’s inherently disappointing to me,” one user commented. Others admitted defeat as if they were in battle with Game Freak over the design of Sprigatito.

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But some users, not yet willing to give up hope, pointed out the vagueness of Riddler’s response. They claimed “standing up” didn’t mean it was a bipedal Pokemon, and that it could stand on four legs. One user theorized it could be similar to Typhlosion who stands on both two and four legs.

That being said, we won’t know for sure what the final evolutions look like until Game Freak reveals them. And according to Riddler, that could be at the end of June.

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