Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans destroy 7-Star Greninja using only Pikachu

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have devised a strategy to beat the 7-Star Greninja Raids using only four Pikachu.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have introduced yet another event 7-Star Raid featuring Greninja, which comes with the Poison Tera Type and the Mightiest Mark.

Many trainers have naturally chosen to go with strategies revolving around type effectiveness when taking on Greninja, such as using Pokemon like Clodsire or Lucario.

However, some players have found success with this difficult Greninja Raid using a very unlikely team comprised of four Pikachu that focus on doing different things during the battle.

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers use four Pikachu to take on Greninja Raid

The strategy comes from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit thanks to a user going by the name Nommable123. According to them, they were able to “one hit KO Greninja 3 times in a row with this strategy.”

This method requires all Pikachu to be level 100, Hypertrained, and with MAX IVs in the appropriate stats. The Pikachu should also have a Timid nature, in order to capitalize on its Special Attack stat.

Interestingly, this strategy relies on only one Pikachu attacking while the other three offer support from the sidelines. The Support Pikachu must each hold the Eviolite item to maximize its defenses and survivability, while the Attack Pikachu holds the Light Ball which doubles its attacking stats.

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According to the original poster, the best way to tackle the Raid is for the support Pikachu to start with the moves Eerie Impulse and Charm to reduce Greninja’s attacking stats, then use the move Fake Tears twice.

Next, the Support Pikachu will set up Electric Terrain, Helping Hand, Attack Cheer, and Rain Dance. Finally, the Attack Pikachu will use Charge and Nasty Plot once to boost its stats even further, followed by Thunder which will be guaranteed to hit Greninja thanks to Rain Dance.

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Of course, this setup requires a lot of effort and coordination with three other players to be used effectively, but it’s hard to deny that it is extremely stylish to pull off this impressive feat.