Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans call out HOME compatibility missing the “Early 2023” window

The Pokemon Home logo next to a screenshot of Scarlet and VioletThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans called out the Pokemon Company for missing the promised window of “Early 2023” for making the game compatible with Pokemon HOME.

Pokemon HOME is a great tool for players who might want to move their pocket monsters between different Pokemon games available on the switch or to transfer their favorites from Pokemon Go into those games.

So naturally when the release window for Pokemon Home’s integration with Scarlet & Violet was announced collectors worldwide were ecstatic about new trading possibilities.

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But it seems we are a bit behind what one would consider “early 2023” and the integration is nowhere to be seen.

Pokemon fans call out the devs on missing promised deadline

Twitter user @DerDennis218 made a Tweet featuring a screenshot from the “Pokemon Presents 2.27.2023” promising early 2023 support for trades between Pokemon HOME and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and wrote: “I‘m wondering if it’s already early 2023.”

Some fans in the replies jumped the chance to take some potshots at the company.

“No it’s late 2022 duh,” mockingly wrote one fan. Another added: “I think their minds are faster than their works.”

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Others are speculating that the amount of work the company is doing on Scarlet & Violet post-release might have something to do with them missing the release date.

“I think backlash about the state of Scarlet & Violet has forced them to focus on a patch instead- not to mention there’s an upcoming DLC -so Home compatibility might still take a while. Probably when DLC airs,” speculates one player.

Hopefully, the support for the app comes in the upcoming weeks so that collectors can finish their collections and players can move their favorites from previous games into the latest installment in the franchise.

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