Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans beg for Legends Arceus features in 1.2 update

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans are reminiscing about the release of Legends: Arceus in 2022, wishing more features from the Gen 8 game were present in Gen 9.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players were hopeful that many of the key features introduced in Legends: Arceus would be included in the open-world game. While certain mechanics like overworld-visible Shinies and sprawling map locations are a highlight of the Paldea region, many well-loved features are missing from the new main series title.

Unlike Scarlet & Violet, Legends: Arceus included sound alerts for Shinies, overworld visual Shiny effects, regularly rotating Mass Outbreaks, and Pokedex Challenges among many other exciting options. While the PLA region of Hisui wasn’t a true open world, the areas were all unique and offered a variety of things to do.

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With the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 1.2 update imminent, and Pokemon Day in February, many are hopeful that updates and possible DLC will integrate features missing from the Paldea region.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans want better features

In a Twitter post by Serebii.net’s Joe Merrick, the Pokemon Guru shares love for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, sparking a debate about missing features in Scarlet & Violet.

Fans in the comments largely agree with Legends: Arceus offered important changes to the main series formula, and that the changes needed to come forward to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. One fan comments, “More Legends-style games would be awesome, but I hope the added functionality they’re talking about for SV includes some of the things they removed between PLA and SV. Like being able to change time in-game, moving around in first person.. and pokemon not spawning in the walls”.

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Others are already less interested in Scarlet & Violet, and more invested in what may come next in the Legends series. Many have voiced a desire to go back to ancient Hoenn, while others are ready to dive deep into Unova.

While it isn’t likely a new game will be announced any time soon, there is a good possibility fans will see DLC additions for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in the near future. With Pokemon Day just weeks away, an announcement likely isn’t too far off.