Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan animation proves Clodsire’s tiny fins are perfect

Clodsire Pokemon Scarlet & VioletThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player has created an adorable fan animation highlighting one of the unsung heroes of the Paldea region – Clodsire.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have a variety of new species to choose from when exploring Gen 9’s Paldea region. Like every new generation, the expanded entries to the National Pokedex come with some brilliant wins and some less-exciting oddities. However, Scarlet & Violet have offered a solid range of new companions that have players excited.

While many have initially been drawn to the Paldean starters, or powerful new team members like Armarouge and Ceruledge, others have found their number-one pick lurking in the ponds and mud puddles.

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Paldean Wooper, one of the few new regional forms introduces in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, can evolve into the ridiculously adorable Clodisre. Sporting a Poison/Ground-type, the enormous species is an asset in battle – but more importantly, it has some of the best physical attributes of any Pokemon in Paldea.

Pokemon Scarlet &Violet fan highlight what makes Clodsire perfect

In a Twitter post by PyuDraws, the player shares an animation reel of their own playable character jumping into battle. The text above the video clip reads, “Clodsire is doing her best”.

The stunning Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan animation shows a Shiny Clodsire being called out in battle, with the trainer asking it to use the move “Dig.” The Clodsire leaps forward and immediately lands on its chubby face, both short fins rotating in a desperate attempt to comply with its trainer.

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The video highlights exactly what makes Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Clodsire so fun to battle with. From its wide smile and small eyes to its disproportionately tiny extremities, it is nothing short of adorable.

Fans in the comments agree, with one stating, “Wonderful animation! Clodsire my beloved >

While Clodsire may not be the most powerful species found in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it definitely ranks highly as the cutest. Watching it try to Dig in this animation just adds to the appeal of catching and raising one.

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