This stalking Drifloon is terrifying Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players

Terrified trainer with Drifloon lurking

One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player makes an ominous discovery of Drifloon creeping above a schoolyard. Some trainers then remembered its reputation for carrying away children.

Drifloon’s initial Pokedex entry described it as being formed by the spirits of other Pokemon and people in addition to enjoying rainy weather.

The Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon Drifloon first appeared in Diamond and Pearl. Originally, users could only find Drifloon at Valley Windworks on Fridays.

However, the HeartGold and SoulSilver versions revealed that children who hang onto Drifloon’s hands often go missing.

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If trainers thought the description was creepy enough, it only got worse. Pokemon Legends: Arceus explained how Drifloon “lured away young children and carry them off to the afterlife.” Other games labeled the Pokemon as a “signpost for wandering spirits.”

The Pokemon Drifloon steals children in Scarlet & Violet

screenshot of drifloon in pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearlThe Pokemon Company / ILCA
Drifloon will only spawn on Fridays during the day.

On the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, Reddit user SaturnLink made a sinister realization. In the academy’s schoolyard, SaturnLink witnessed three Drifloon lurking above a building with a student leaning against it.

In response to the shocking discovery, some comments suggested the school employed Drifloon to keep kids from breaking curfew.

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“Hey they got quotas to make,” Redditor Suspicious-Shock-934 wrote in the comments. “Giratina is not an easy taskmaster.”

“Luckily, those Houndour are there for protection,” user BigPecks added.

Other users claimed players could find more Drifloon in the school hall, which has a “higher child disappearance rate than Hogwarts.”

Despite Drifloon’s frightening traits, it only scratches the surface of the franchise’s disturbing Pokemon. In Scarlet & Violet, the new Pokemon Greavard was allegedly formed by a dead dog who lived without interacting with humans. Greavard can also suck the life force from those around it.

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GameFreak’s alarming Pokedex entries even date back to Generation I. Initially, Gengar stole people lost in the mountains. Eventually, Generation VII added Gengar “used to be a human itself” and killed people.

However, Gengar’s ominous past didn’t stop The Pokemon Company from selling adorable Squishmallows of the Ghost/Poison-type creature that sold out almost instantly.