Pokemon Scarlet & Violet clue hints at Australia inspiration for next region

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An image spotted during art class has some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans wondering if Australia will serve as inspiration for the next game’s main region.

Of course, the Pokemon games are no stranger to taking inspiration from real-world locales around the globe. The Paldea territory that makes up the open world in Scarlet and Violet borrowed heavily from Spain and Portugal, for example.

Despite players still exploring Paldea in full, some have already begun to wonder where exactly the next Pokemon installment will take them.

One supposed in-game hint may point to Pokemon trainers taking a future adventure somewhere down under.

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Could Australia inspire the next Pokemon game’s region?

In a recent Reddit post, a user named Brenduke claimed to have spotted an image of Uluru, the sandstone monolith located within Australia’s Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

The Redditor didn’t share a screenshot of the rock’s in-game representation but said they saw it on the art classroom’s right-hand wall.

Since previous games have featured “slight hint[s] for the next region,” Brenduke wonders if this poster is a clue about the title that comes after Scarlet and Violet.

The player especially thinks an Australia-like biome could work given the country’s cities, mythology, and unique wildlife.

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As one would expect, the thread is replete with ideas for an Austrlia-inspired region in the next Pokemon installment.

“Dingo Pokémon that’s a ghost and it’s called Dinghost,” one Redditor replied, to the delight of several others. And, of course, there exists no shortage of theories on where else the Pokemon developers could go with kangaroo-like creatures outside of Kangaskhan.

All of the above merely serve as fan speculation. Yet, it sounds like Australia wouldn’t be a bad choice for a new Pokemon setting.