Pokemon scalpers selling free Shiny Eternatus codes are making serious money

David Purcell
pokemon shiny eternatus code for sword and shieldPokemon / eBay

Pokemon Sword & Shield trainers have been picking up free Shiny Eternatus codes across Europe during a distribution event, but scalpers have pounced on the opportunity.

The Mythical distribution event kicked off on September 9 and will run through September 30, giving those in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands an opportunity to score a free Shiny.

It was then opened up to those in the United States, via Gamestop.

Eternatus cannot be caught in the wild within Game Freak’s title, which creates a natural demand for such codes. Redeeming it could be your ticket to a completed Pokedex.

Though, where there is a clamor, there is also people looking to take advantage.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Shiny Eternatus codes aren’t free for everyone

Scalpers – those who resell items for a quick and large profit – have been making easy money on the codes since the event started up.

As there is a regional issue with obtaining the rare Pokemon, many are looking to cash in on the opportunity by putting these free codes on eBay.

Listings show a variety of prices, yet the majority are in the $20-$30 range. One advert, in particular, shows that the seller had flogged 75 codes for around $24 each.

pokemon eternatus codeseBay marketplace
This eBay listing shows that the flyers have been shipped across the US.

Tally up those sales and you’re looking at an enormous $1,800 haul for what is a free item restricted to particular regions.

Another listing shows the same in Canada, priced at $21, and another US-based seller in Arkansas pricing the free flyers at almost $36, with 16 sold. That’s an easy $576 for the scalper involved.

The passionate Pokemon fanbase has been the target of industry-scale scalping for years now, but it is no longer restricted to the confines of the Trading Card Game. Free codes and even pins are being listed far above what the sellers are acquiring them for.