Pokemon’s Russian Pokedex claims one evolution “criticizes the government”

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Pokemon’s Russian Pokedex calls out Nidorino for “criticizing governments” and attending protests and demonstrations.

In the history of the Pokemon franchise, several Pokedex entries have been borderline outrageous. For example, Drifloon’s HeartGold and SoulSilver’s Pokedex description explained how it led to children’s disappearances.

The Generation I games also revealed how Gengar would steal travelers lost in the mountains. Additionally, it claimed that the Ghost-type used to be human itself – and killed people.

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Now, a Russian Pokedex entry surfaced and called out Nidorino’s “irritable” personality and political activities.

Russian Pokedex suggests Nidorino attends protests

Pokemon Nidorino and Gengar fight in animeThe Pokemon Company

As first reported by Comicbook.com, the website detailed the translation for Nidorino’s Russian Pokedex entry. “After maturing Nidoran turns into Nidorino, evil and grumpy creatures who bite and scratch,” the description reads.

“They’re always mad about something, irritable, and always criticizing the government of the countries they live in, as well as all other governments. They often read newspapers and go to protests and demonstrations.”

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The entry continues, “Trainers can easily tame their Nidorino by giving them fake jewelry – rings, earrings, and pendants that Nidorino wears on holidays or when they go to protests. Nidorino is loyal to those trainers till death, and happy to cut the throats of their rivals. They’re very caring.” 

Previously, the Russian Pokedex told an outlandish story about Ash Ketchum. The trainer’s biography included, “Ash rescued a fishing trawler in the Sea of Japan.” Consequently, the Prime Minister awarded Ash and his Pokemon team a chocolate cake.

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Regarding other video game content, Russia has also made the news surrounding the Switch eShop.

Following Russia legalizing video game piracy, Nintendo has officially shut down the Switch eShop indefinitely. The legalization comes after video game companies enacted global sanctions against Russia due to the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

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