Pokemon random map generator coming soon

Paul Cot. Last updated: Apr 03, 2019

Creating an entirely new Pokemon world from a random generator would be pretty cool. Well, thanks to one Reddit user, this might become a reality sooner than later.

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Pokemon map

Reddit user, “party_in_my_head” has been working on a project to generate random Pokemon maps. The maps are based on assets from the Fire Red and Leaf Green games. This means the structure, houses and all other assets will be the same from these classic Gameboy Advance games.

The project appears to be still in the developmental phase with no timeline on completion. However, remarkable progress has already been made with the generator appearing to function well, at least to some degree.

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Random generator progress

The first shared image looked a little sparse, almost as if the game’s assets had been put in a random generator!

Reddit: party_in_my_head
Early stages of the Pokemon random map generator…

However, since then it appears to have been coded to make assets such as trees, long grass and pathways stick together. Consequently, this image looks somewhat like a real Pokemon map.

Reddit: party_in_my_head
Even at this early stage, the map looks somewhat realistic…

Since then, rain has even been added!

Reddit: party_in_my_head
Everyone likes a map with a bit of rain…

It also looks like the creator has also made wild Pokemon sprites appear more frequently. This creates a more realistic Pokemon world, something the old games may have lacked.

Reddit: party_in_my_head
Pikachu, Gyarados and Snorlax can be seen in the Pokemon overworld…

Here’s the most recently shared randomly generated Pokemon landscape at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Reddit: party_in_my_head
1,920 x 1,080 pixels Pokemon map generation…

Pokemon custom ROMs

The purpose of the generator isn’t clear. While many will use it to see what types of maps they can come up with, Pokemon custom ROM makers will see a different purpose.

The developer makes it clear that the generated images aren’t for a custom ROM. Nevertheless, it could be perfect for creating them.

Reddit: party_in_my_head
The latest update to the generator has added shore lines…

Whether the generator is capable of doing a whole world in one generation or whether it would require multiple generations stuck together is unclear at this stage.

Furthermore, if the assets are replaceable, unique worlds could be created. There’s even the possibility of applying the generator to newer Pokemon games.