Pokemon players complete Living Master Dex after four years of hunting

pokemon master living dex

Two best friends have finally completed their Pokemon Living Master Dex – a project they started in 2018 – by capturing every single Pokemon species in the game each debuted in.

Completing a Living Dex is a goal most Pokemon fans have likely set for themselves at some point throughout their journey. However, with nearly 1,000 Pokemon existing across 8 generations, that task is a lot easier said than done.

With the introduction of Pokeball Magearna, trainers are now offered a reward for completing a Living Pokedex. Thanks to the release of Pokemon HOME, storing, sorting, and tracking progress has also become easier than ever.

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However, for two overachievers, just catching all 900+ Pokemon wasn’t enough. Reddit user SpacebornKiller and his best friend set out to capture every single Pokemon from their oldest possible game, including legitimate Mythicals and Legendaries.

The four-year journey to becoming a Pokemon Master

On September 22, Spaceborn and his best friend donned suits to commemorate the final catch of their four-year journey. Shaking hands and standing in front of the highly-coveted Pokeball Magearna, the two had completed their Living Master Pokedex.

They wrote, “My best bud and I started the Living Master Dex way back in 2018 and we’re finally finished. Every single Pokémon from their oldest possible game. Had to dress for the occasion.”

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A Living Dex is a collection of Pokemon that has every Pokemon present from every region, generation, and evolution line. So, instead of having a Blastoise representing the Squirtle line, players would catch or breed one of each member from that line.

But Spaceborn and his friend took things a step further. They caught every Pokemon in the game it originally appeared in, transferred them up through each Generation, stored them in the soon-defunct Pokebank, and then transferred them to Pokemon HOME.

However, the most impressive feat was capturing every Mythical Pokemon legitimately. Mythicals like Mew, Jirachi, and Victini are locked behind in-game events – some of which were time-sensitive. But with the help of Reddit user shinymetroid, the trio was able to pull it off.

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“The man who helped us with the legitimate mythicals right here ladies and gents. He also caught Latias for us while we were painstakingly trading everything and ran through victory road without flash, from memory, in order to do so relative to where that file was,” Spaceborn stated.

They clarified that they did not use the virtual console Game Boy games, but instead used physical games and the bonus disc. They also used the GameCube games when need be.