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Pokemon player in shock after parents discover lost game worth $25k

Published: 1/Apr/2021 21:58

by Brent Koepp


A  Pokemon fan was floored after their parents discovered a lost copy of Pokemon Blue they bought them 23 years ago for their birthday. The Game Boy title is now worth thousands of dollars.

No one could have guessed in 1998 that Pokemon would eventually grow into the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. The Nintendo series even makes more money than Marvel and Disney.

A fan’s surprise gift from their parents went viral online when it was revealed that the item was originally meant for their birthday decades ago. The lost present is now worth a mind-blowing amount.

Pokemon Red & Blue box art
The 1998 Pokemon games are now worth a jaw-dropping amount depending on the condition.

Pokemon fan’s childhood birthday present now worth thousands

Pokemon fan ‘Lanai’ posted their incredible story on March 31 where they exclaimed that their parents had discovered a lost birthday gift from years ago. The present was the 1998 RPG Pokemon Blue.


“My dad told me he bought it for me as a birthday gift when I was a kid and lost it. They’ve been cleaning up the house now that they’ve retired,” the user explained in the comment section.

Lanai uploaded a picture of them holding the Game Boy title in pristine condition, still encased in its original plastic wrap. Fans of the series were stunned and quickly informed the lucky user of how much the game is now worth in that condition.

My parents called and asked if I was interested in a new Pokemon game. Wasn’t exactly expecting this one. from gaming

“That is VERY expensive if noone else has let you know yet,” a one replied. Another cautioned the fan, “Do NOT open this. You absolutely must leave this in the packaging.” Someone else revealed what the game could be worth: “$5000-25000 US. More if OP gets it graded.”


Pokemon fans stunned over sealed Pokemon Blue

Despite the majority of the comments being focused on the value of the item, the Pokemon fan explained that it had sentimental meaning to them. “I am beyond lucky to have this game in such great condition but even luckier to have it as a physical representation of my parents love and what was a blessed childhood,” they said.

It should be pointed out that just because a game is sealed, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily worth $20k+. It needs to be sent into grading services such as Wata or VGA first, and needs to receive a score of 9 through 10 to fetch the insane bucks.


A 9.8 grade copy of Pokemon Red for instance sold for $84,000 in a 2020 auction. Given that this fan’s copy of Blue has been in storage since 1998, anything is possible. Regardless, the player’s surprise birthday gift decades later has to be one of the coolest we’ve ever seen.