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Pokemon player creates Gym Leaders for every type in Sword & Shield

Published: 29/Dec/2019 0:01

by Brent Koepp


A talented Pokemon player wowed the community when he created Gym Leaders for every type in Sword & Shield with some incredible concept art.

Pokemon saw its eighth generation title Sword & Shield drop in November to rave reviews and incredible sales, breaking records to become the fastest selling Switch title to date.

The latest adventure sees trainers taking on the Galar region, which was largely based on locations in the United Kingdom. However, a talented player created Gym Leaders for all the missing types not represented in the game, and it’s the best thing you will see all day.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company The Gen VIII title saw players taking on the Galar region.

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Artist gives Sword & Shield new Gym Leaders

In Sword & Shield, players take on eight Gym Leaders in their quest to become champion of the region. Combining both versions of the RPG, the game represented Grass, Water, Fire, Fighting, Ghost, Fairy, Rock, Ice, Dark, and Dragon types. But what about the rest?

If you ever wondered what the other Pokemon types would look like as Leaders, talented artist  ‘Leopold65107856‘ has you covered with his jaw-dropping concept art that could easily be in the game.

Posting on his Twitter account, the artist unveiled the eight new Leaders, with the first batch being Bug, Poison, Psychic, and Ground, and even gave them names as well as their own gym logo.


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The Pokemon player also unveiled a second batch, which includes Flying, Electric, Normal, and Steel, which rounds out the game by representing some of the missing types.

Fans were blown away by the incredible concept drawings, as they creatively represented each type with the trainer’s individual personality, such as the Flying Gym leader sporting a flight cap and goggles. The tweet got over 270 retweets and almost 900 likes.

The concept art also goes into great detail for each leader’s unique outfit design, even down to their individual gym logos, showing the dedication and love that went into making them.


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Leopold’s art is so good that we could easily see them being in the series itself, as he truly captured the spirit of what it takes to spearhead a Pokemon Gym.

And who knows, if we get a third version of the game – which has become a tradition in the series – we might see some of these types getting their own official leaders.