How to pre-order Pokemon Funko Pop figures: Glaceon, Scorbunny & Arcanine

Funko Pop! features Glaceon, Arcanine, and Scorbunny PokemonFunko Pop!

Funko Pop collectors are itching to get their hands on the newest available Pokemon figures – Glaceon, Scorbunny, and Arcanine. Here’s how to pre-order them.

Funko Pop has collaborated with The Pokemon Company for three more collectible figures. This time, the toy company unveiled Glaceon, Arcanine, and Scorbunny.

In the past, Funko Pop launched models of Pokemon like Munchlax, Oshawott, and Pikachu posing in various stances. The Ice-type Pokemon Glaceon has joined Funko’s other featured Eeveelutions, including Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, and Espeon.

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Where to buy the new Pokemon Funko Pop line-up

Glaceon debuts as next Pokemon Funko PopFunko! Pop

Pokemon fans can pre-order the Funko pops for $12.99 each at Gamestop, Funko’s website, and Amazon. Glaceon, Arcanine, and Scorbunny will officially release on June 4 at select retailers.

Where to buy the Scorbunny Funko Pop figure

Scorbunny is the Fire-type starter Pokemon in Sword & Shield, and one of the more popular Pokemon of the Galar region.

Where to buy the Arcanine Funko Pop figure

Fire-type Arcanine is the final evolution of Growlithe – who first appeared in the Generation I games Red & Blue.

Where to buy the Glaceon Funko Pop figure

Instead of the typical “4 Funko pops, Target will exclusively offer a “13 version of Glaceon for $44.99. The store has previously launched a jumbo form of Munchlax for $39.99.

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Funko Pop’s newest Pokemon additions only scratch the surface of The Pokemon Company’s available toy products. In addition to the collectible figures, the video game series partnered with Mega Construct for a buildable Gyarados and Monopoly for a Kanto edition board game.

If people would instead take their toys out of the box, The Pokemon Company collaborated with Squishallows for two more plushes. Along with Gengar and Pikachu, Squishmallows revealed Snorlax and Togepi as the next stuffed friends.

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At the time of writing, only UK fans can purchase the 12-inch plushes for £25.99 each. The Pokemon Center UK website limits one Togepi or Snorlax Squishmallow per order. The United States release date remains unannounced.

With all the Pokemon merchandise coming out, fans should ready their wallets to drop big bucks on the irresistible collectibles.

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