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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mail codes – free Gummi, missions, more

Published: 7/Mar/2020 19:38 Updated: 7/Mar/2020 19:45

by Meg Bethany Koepp


If you’re a Pokemon trainer looking to score some free items and missions in Mystery Dungeon DX for the Nintendo Switch, you’re in the right place – we’ve got all the Wonder Mail codes right here.

The Mystery Dungeon series first released in Japan as Blue & Red Rescue Team on the Game Boy Advance in 2005, with the West getting it in 2006. Its dungeon-crawler style saw players taking on the role of a Pokemon and forming a team to embark on missions to save others from danger.

On March 6, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company re-released the games as Mystery Dungeon DX – a remake brought to the modern day with a painterly-esque art style, and new features such as mega evolutions and autosave. Something that returned, though, is Wonder Mail – a feature that sees players input codes to receive free items – and we’ve compiled a list of every single one so far.


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How to redeem Wonder Mail codes

In order to use the codes, you’ll need to scroll through the menu that pops up after the title screen. Instead of selecting to continue your adventure, head right and then click on ‘Receive Wonder Mail.’

You’ll then be prompted to input an eight-character password, and if done correctly, you’ll be gifted either a set of items or a mission which will allow you add that Pokemon to your Camp upon completion.

Each mission is ranked by difficulty, and some can’t be completed until you progress further in the story – though you can redeem them at any time and come back to them once they’ve been unlocked.


The Pokemon Company / Nintendo
Players will need to head to the Wonder Mail screen in order to use the codes.

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Item codes

Apple x5, Perfect Apple x3: 1Y5K 0K1S

Apple x18: 5JSK 2CMC

Apple x5, Big Apple x5: N3QW 5JSK

All Power-Up Orb x3, All Dodge Orb x3: H5FY 948M

See-Trap Orb x5, Trapbust Ore x5: 0MN2 F0CN

Slow Orb x5, Quick Orb x5: CFSH 962H

Escape Ore x3, Rollcall Orb x3, Revive All Orb x1: 3XNS QMQX

Revive All Orb x1, Tiny Reviver Seed x 5, Reviver Seed x2: 5PJQ MCCJ

Slumber Orb x5, Totter Orb x5: 7FW6 27CK

See-Trap Orb x5, Trawl Orb x2, Storage Orb x2: 961W F0MN

One-Shot Orb x2, Petrify Orb x3, Spurn Orb x3: NY7J P8QM


Inviting Orb x3, Rare Quality Orb x3, Wigglytuff Orb x1: QXW5 MMN1

Helper Orb x3, Revive All Orb x2: SFSJ WK0H

All Power-Up Orb x2, All Dodge Orb x2, All Protect Orb x2: SK5P 778R

Cleanse Orb x5, Health Orb x5: TY26 446X

Evasion Orb x10: WJNT Y478

Foe-Hold Orb x3, Foe-Seal Orb x5: Y649 3N3S

Calcium x3, Accuracy Drink x3: 90P7 8R96

Carbos x2, Life Seed x2: 0R79 10P7

PP-Up Drink x3, Max Elixir x3: 776S JWJS

Power Drink x2, Accuracy Drink x2, PP-Up Drink x2: XT49 8SP7

Protein x2, Iron x2: JY3X QW5C


Calcium x2, Zinc x2: K0FX WK7J

Power Drink x3, Iron x3: MCCH 6XY6

Power Band x1, Defense Scarf x1, Gold Ribbon x1: 25QQ TSCR

Special Band x1, Zinc Band x1, Gold Ribbon x1: 95R1 W6SJ

Mach Ribbon x1, Gold Ribbon x1: CMQM FXW6

Violent Seed x3, Stun Seed x10, Tiny Reviver Seed x3: 47K2 K5R3

Joy Seed x3: SR0K 5QR9

Heal Seed x3, Tiny Reviver Seed x2: H8PJ TWF2

Pecha Berry x5, Cheri Berry x5, Tiny Reviver Seed x2: 5JMP H7K5

Geo Pebble x40, Gravelerock x40, Golden Fossil x20: 8QXR 93P5

Rawst Berry x5, Chesto Berry X5, Tiny Reviver Seed x2: 3R62 CR63


Oran Berry x10, Sitrus Berry x1, Reviver Seed x1: FSHH 6SR0

Oran Berry x18: R994 5PCN

Max Ether x18: 6XT1 XP98

Max Ether x5, Max Elixir x2: SJP7 642C

Corsola Twig x120: 3TWJ MK2C

Cacnea Spike x120: 45QS PHF4

Corsola Twig x120: JT3M QY79

Cacnea Spike x120: SH8X MF1T

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Gummi codes

Rainbow Gummi x3, Accuracy Drink x3: 6XWH H7JM

Rainbow Gummi x6: SN3X QSFW

Rainbow Gummi x3, PP-Up Drink x3: Y490 CJMR

Rainbow Gummi x3, Power Drink x3: WCJT 275J

Rainbow Gummi x3, DX Gummi x1: XMK9 5K49

DX Gummi x2: H6W7 K262

TM codes

Brutal Swing: XNY8 PK40

Bulldoze: PFXQ PCN3

Energy Ball: N0R7 K93R

Flamethrower: P5R9 411S

Focus Blast: 78SH 6463

Ice Beam: XMK5 JQQM

Leech Life: 3TY1 XW99

Shadow Ball: 90P7 CQP9

Smart Strike: W95R 91XT

Thunderbolt: R13R 6XY0

Waterfall: JR41 13QS

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Dojo Ticket codes

Bronze Dojo Ticket x3, Silver Dojo Ticket x2, Gold Dojo Ticket x1: Y991 1412

Mission codes

Beautifly: CNTS N2F1

Chingling: R6T1 XSH5

Clefairy: 8TT4 98W8

Dragonair: HK5R 3N47

Larvitar: 5JSM NWF0

Mantyke: MF0K 5CCN

Mareep: 991Y 5K47

Misdreavus: 5K0K 0K2K

Rhyhorn: R8Y4 8QXR

Roselia: K762 CJWF

Sableye: 91SR 2H5J

Slowbro: 6Y6S NWHF

Smoochum: 92JM R48W

Togetic: MHJR 625M

Wailmer: 0R5H 76XQ