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Pokemon Masters leak reveals totally new way to battle

Published: 28/Jun/2019 12:56 Updated: 28/Jun/2019 14:47

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Masters was revealed at the Pokemon press conference event on May 29. Shortly after, a leak surfaced which shared lots more information on the new mobile game.

The leak shared various details which have since proven to be correct. These details were confirmed in a Pokemon Masters stream which shared an anime trailer for the new game – as well as snippets of gameplay. The stream also confirmed the following:

  • There will be one Pokemon per trainer, called buddies – battles will be 3v3
  • While teaming with other trainers, you provide the battle instructions to each of the three Pokemon
  • Unlike traditional Pokemon games, the battle system is real time

PokemonPokemon Masters focuses on interactions between trainers, as well as Pokemon…

The fact the leak got these points correct adds credence to the remainder of the leak, which as of writing, remains unconfirmed. Below, we have outlined the remaining elements.

Auto battle mode

The leak states that there will be an auto-mode while battling. Presumably, this means you’ll be able to enter battles and that the battling itself is done automatically. This may remove the repetitive element of battles and cater towards the newer, more casual Pokemon trainer.


This is a sentiment that seemed to be confirmed by Yu Sasaki, the producer of Pokemon Masters who said: “We’re aiming to create a game that lets anyone causally pick up their phone and enjoy Pokemon battles.”

New battle rules

Elsewhere, the leak also states: “Pokemon trainers and Pokemon come as a set – therefore both will need to be changed when substituting during battle.” 

This means it isn’t possible to possess the same trainer or Pokemon more than once. This will keep battles somewhat fresh and varied.

PokemonEach Pokemon trainer comes with a partner…

Pokemon Masters is further simplified, according to the leak, by each Pokemon only having one weakness. This keeps battling far simpler and means less strategy is required in comparison to the mainline Pokemon games.

These changes, on top of the already confirmed real-time battle system, will mean Pokemon Masters brings an entirely new Pokemon experience. The Pokemon franchise has been built on a turn-based system throughout the game’s history so the change is a big one.

Will Pokemon Masters introduce gacha?

Another part of Pokemon Masters which has also not been announced is that there may be a gacha element to the game. Gacha games are commonplace in Japan but do receive criticism in some quarters as it essentially adopts a pay to win model whereby real money is needed to complete the game in a quicker fashion. 


We must stress though, this has not been confirmed as of yet.


Pokemon Go Autumn event – Start time, new Gen 5 Pokemon, bonuses, more

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:57 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 1:59

by Paul Cot


To celebrate the change of season, Niantic is hosting an autumn-themed Pokemon Go event. A new Gen 5 Pokemon will be introduced as well as other bonuses.

The 2020 Pokemon Go autumn event starts on Friday, October 9, 8 am PDT and finishes on Monday, October 12, 1 pm PDT. That’s an 11 am EDT start for those on the east coast of the US and 4 pm BST for those residing in the UK.


To the surprise of nobody, the event will feature various fall-themed Pokemon. These ‘mons can be found in the wild and in eggs when you hatch them.

Double effective Berries

Elsewhere, autumn is the time harvest and that seemingly applies to Pokemon Go, too. As a result, Berries can be found more often when spinning PokeStops. There will also be berry-themed Field and Timed Research.


During the event, all Berries will be twice as effective when giving them to your Buddy Pokemon as treats. Perhaps more excitingly, however, is that Pinap Berries will also become doubly as effective.

This means that instead of just double Candy when capturing a Pokemon, you’ll actually get four times the amount! Other Berries such as the Razz variety won’t be doubly as effective, though.

Autumn-themed Pokemon

Meanwhile, the following Pokemon will be appearing more frequently in the wild:

  • Oddish
  • Vulpix
  • Bayleef
  • Hoothoot
  • Sudowoodo
  • Yanma
  • Pineco
  • Zigzagoon
  • Seedot
  • Shroomish
  • Plant Cloak Burmy
  • Foongus

Others will be appearing in 5km eggs but those Pokemon weren’t released in the Pokemon Go blog post.

Additionally, Shiny Vulpix will be spawning more often. The ever-popular Fox Pokemon has already had its Shiny form released previously but few trainers will want to miss out on the chance to get another or even their first!

Deerling Pokemon Go
Deerling changes color depending on what seasonal form it is…


As is very apt for the change of season, Deerling will be introduced to the world of Pokemon Go for the first time. The Season Pokemon has four forms – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – so expect to come across its autumn variant.


It evolves into Sawsbuck, which has the same four forms, also. Deerling needs 50 Candy to evolve, so if you want to get Sawsbuck during the event you’ll need to catch as many Deerling as possible. When using a Pinap Berry though, you’ll only need to catch five of them!

There’s plenty to look forward to in Pokemon Go during October. Charmander is coming to a Community Day a second time with the exclusive move Dragon Breath and there is even a surprise Raid Boss to look forward to at the end of the month.