Pokemon Masters EX: How to unlock Ash and Pikachu Sync Pair

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Pokemon Masters EX celebrates its third anniversary with three Master Sync pair debuts, including the Pokemon animated series stars Ash Ketchum and Pikachu.

Pokemon Masters EX, the mobile game spotlighting favorite Pokemon NPCs in epic battles, has hit its three-year anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, players will have the chance to recruit three new Master Sync Pairs for a limited time.

Like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Masters EX has had its fair share of troubles. Steeped in microtransactions, many players struggle to truly enjoy everything the game has to offer. Despite this, the game provides some particularly rare and amazing glimpses at characters that otherwise only get small spotlights in the games.

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Up until recently, the game has focused on using the Pokemon main-series depictions of popular characters, even if they have appeared in the animated series at some point. However, this seems set to change with the Master Sync Pairs revealed for the anniversary event.

How to get Ash & Pikachu as a Master Sync Pair

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu have been revealed as a Master Sync Pair players can recruit for the duration of the Three-Year Anniversary Celebration Rally.

According to the Pokemon Masters EX website, players can scout Ash and Pikachu from August 27, 2022 through October 16, 2022 at 11 PM local time.

When is Ash’s Special Event happening?

The Special Event Blazing Battle with Ash begins on August 27, 2022 through October 16, 2022 at 11 PM local time.

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During this time, players will be able to engage in a special event storyline featuring Ash and Pikachu. Players can also participate in the Special Event Challenge with Ash from August 27, 2022 through September 26, 2022 and the Special Event the Classic Thunderbolt from August 27, 2022, through October 16, 2022.

To add to the exciting Pokemon Masters events featuring Ash and Pikachu, players will also be able to scout Sygna Suit versions of Cynthia and Lucario and Red and Pikachu. Cynthia will be available from August 29, 2022 through October 2 and Red and Pikachu will be available from August 31, 2022 through October 2 2022.

Players looking to find Red and Cynthia will have a shorter window, so it will be important to save up gems to ensure the best odds of scouting them.

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The three-year anniversary celebration also includes a number of giveaways, daily bonuses, and in-store sales for players to take advantage of during the event. While the event does seem centered around in-game purchases, those interested may be able to add some exciting new NPCs to their personal battle rosters.