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Pokemon Let’s Go Breaks Sales Record

Published: 22/Nov/2018 17:24

by Paul Cot


It has been a good week for Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. A week after the worldwide release and Pokemon Let’s Go has broke a sales record on the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch & Pokemon Sales

According to the official Japanese Pokemon Twitter account, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee have combined to sell over 3 million copies worldwide.

This makes the latest Pokemon Go game the fastest selling title on the Nintendo Switch since its launch in March 2017. Furthermore, even after just one week, it now makes it the fifth best selling game on the Nintendo Switch overall.

Pokemon Brand

These sales figures prove the Pokemon brand is as strong as ever. Consequently, it shows the strong nostalgic effect of Pokemon.


Pokemon Let’s Go is a loose remake of the first Pokemon Gameboy games: Red, Blue and Yellow. It also marks the first time since Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green that the video game has been set in the Kanto region.

These impressive sales figures show that there is enough intrigue from older Pokemon fans to see the Kanto region in 2018 visuals.

Best Selling Video Games

Whilst the 3 million sales in the first week of release are a great feat for the Pokemon company, they have a long way to go to become one of the best selling video games of all time.


Tetris and Minecraft lead the way, although their sales are somewhat questioned due to the various different versions of Tetris and Minecraft being a bundled game. 

Perhaps the most legitimate top selling game is Grand Theft Auto 5. The incredibly popular Rockstar game has sold 100 million copies worldwide. However, the best selling game over the last five years is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The Battle Royale game has sold 50 million copies.

Best Selling Pokemon Games

Pokemon games have several entries in the best selling video games list. In terms of franchises Pokemon is only bettered by Mario for video games sales. The Call of Duty franchise is only slightly behind Pokemon. Here are the top selling Pokemon games of all time in terms of copies sold:


  • Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (Gameboy and Gameboy Color): 45 million
  • Pokemon Gold/Silver (Gameboy Color): 23.1 million
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (Nintendo DS): 17.7 million
  • Pokemon X/Y (Nintendo 3DS): 16.4 million
  • Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Gameboy Advance): 16.3 million
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon (Nintendo 3DS): 16.2 million

Source: Wikipedia

Pokemon News

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