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Pokemon Let’s Go Update available now | 1.0.1 patch notes

Published: 23/Jan/2019 14:03 Updated: 23/Jan/2019 14:09

by Paul Cot


Confirmed last month, the first Pokemon Let’s Go update is available to download now. The 1.0.1 patch fixes various bugs but does not include any new content.

Let’s Go 1.0.1 Patch

As per the Nintendo support site, the first Pokemon Let’s Go update focuses on fixing an issue with the mystery box. Other updates include a small change in the form of Pokemon markings as well as other gameplay fixes which remain unspecified. Full patch notes can be found below:


  • Issues Fixed
    • The issue where the Pokémon received through Mystery Gift does not get registered in the Pokédex when exiting the game without saving has been resolved.
      • If you have already received the Pokémon through Mystery Gift, put the Pokémon that is not registered in the Pokédex in the Pokémon Box and download the update data. Once this is done, the Pokémon should be reflected in the Pokédex.
  • Other Update Information
    • The Pokémon’s Markings and Judge function’s □ and ☆ orders were reversed. It has now been changed to match.
    • Various gameplay fixes.

Download Pokemon Update

Here is how to download the latest Pokemon Let’s Go update:

  1. Connect the Nintendo Switch to the internet
  2. Launch Pokemon Let’s Go
  3. That’s it! The update will be downloaded and installed
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Update for the Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Let’s Go Feedback

The 1.0.1 Pokemon Let’s Go update will disappoint some fans. The Pokemon community were optimistic that this patch would bring new content and potentially even new features to the game.


However, with nothing substantial and a download size of just 33.9MB, Pokemon Let’s Go players will have to remain hopeful for those type of changes in a future update.

With a reported Pokemon Let’s Go sequel coming down the line, it might be the Pokemon Company’s strategy to leave big changes until then. Consequently, Pokemon’s first appearance on the Nintendo Switch might not receive any new content unless it’s in the form of a DLC.


Nevertheless, there is little doubt that Pokemon trainers will continue to request the more obvious changes for Let’s Go, such as:

  • A quick dismount feature
  • Poke Balls thrown in the opposite direction
  • Use more than one candy at a time
  • Nintendo Switch pro-controller support

What changes do you think Pokemon Let’s Go desperately needs? Let us know on our Pokemon Let’s Go Twitter page!