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by Paul Cot


There is more to battling in Pokemon Let's Go than just capturing. Pokemon IVs (individual values) determine the strength of your Pokemon and therefore play an integral role in battling.


What are Pokemon IVs?

The individual values of Pokemon are essentially your Pokemon's stats. Wild Pokemon, even of the same species, differ massively on IVs. 

Naturally the goal of any Pokemon trainer is to capture a Pokemon that has the highest IVs possible. Of course Pokemon with higher IVs become increasingly rare the better their IV values are.


IV Stats - Breakdown

Individual values are broken down into stats for various categories. In Pokemon Let's Go those categories are:

  • HP - determines how much damage a Pokemon can receive before fainting
  • Attack - the amount of damage a Pokemon generates when using a physical move
  • Defense - the amount of damage a Pokemon receives when hit by a physical move
  • Speed - determines whether a Pokemon acts first in battle
  • Special defense - the amount of damage a Pokemon receives when hit by a special move
  • Special attack - the amount of damage a Pokemon generates when using a special move



Pokemon natures were introduced generation three (Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire). Every Pokemon has a random nature. 

The main result of this nature is that it will increase one stat and decrease another by 10%. There are 25 natures in total, five of which will increase and decrease the same stat, resulting in no change. 

Being aware of natures in Pokemon Let's Go is important as you can actually choose the nature of wild Pokemon. You can do this by visiting Madam Celadon, who is in the Celadon City Pokemon Center. For 10,000 Poke dollars you can choose the nature of wild Pokemon for an entire day.

IV Judge

Another important thing to do before searching for high IV Pokemon is to unlock the IV judge feature. To be able to see the IVs of Pokemon such as the image below you will need it enabled in your Pokedex. 

This is enabled by one of Professor Oak's assistants. He is located East of Vermillion City, in the building just before you encounter Snorlax. If you have captured 30 or more unique types of Pokemon, he will enable the judge function for you.

Pokemon Let's Go Summary Page - IVs Stats

Pokemon Let's Go IVs

Now that we understand IVs and can see what each of our captured Pokemon's IVs are, we can go search for top level Pokemon. Each IV, or stat, has a maximum value of 31. Any stat that reaches 31 is referred to as perfect, or flawless.

There has been some confusion online as to whether the highest value is 31 or 32. To clarify, the highest IV value is 31 while there are 32 possible values (including 0).

Furthermore, you may have heard the terminology "how to get perfect 6 IV Pokemon". The 6 refers to each stat being perfect. If a Pokemon is referred to as 4 IV, then this means they will have 4 out of 6 perfect IVs.

Increasing The Odds of Perfect IVs

Fortunately you can increase your chances of finding a perfect IV Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go. This is achieved using the same method to increase the chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon. 

The method is called chain counts or catch combos and is explained in greater detail in the read more link below. The higher your catch combo the more likely it is you will encounter a Pokemon with 4+ perfect IVs.

Pokemon Let's Go Guaranteed Max IVs

After a certain number of catch combos you are guaranteed to encounter a wild Pokemon with a certain number of flawless IVs.

Catch Combo Guaranteed Max IVs
0 – 10 0
11 – 20 2
21 – 30 3
31+ 4

Pokemon Let's Go Help

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