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Pokemon Let’s Go Master Trainers Locations & Guide

Published: 7/Nov/2018 4:37 Updated: 4/Jan/2019 5:21

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Let’s Go Master Trainers is a new addition to the Pokemon RPG post-game. They test the very best Pokemon trainers because you can only face them with a like kind Pokemon. We discuss the battle rules and each of their locations.

Pokemon Master Trainers

Amidst all the Pokemon Let’s Go hype, the brand new feature Master Trainers may have flown under the radar. Master Trainers will only become available once you become Pokemon League Champion.

These Master Trainers are spread across the Kanto region. Each Master Trainer is the very best trainer for their specific type of Pokemon.

Become a Pokemon Master

It’s one thing to gain badges from the eight Pokemon gyms, beat the Elite Four at Indigo Plateau and defeat your first fiercest rival. It’s an entirely different ball game to master every different Pokemon though.


That is exactly what you’ll need to do to complete Pokemon Let’s Go. There is a Pokemon Master Trainer for every single Pokemon in the Kanto region.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Master Trainer

All 151 Pokemon?

Yes, all 151 Pokemon. What makes it all the more interesting is the fact that you must battle their favorite Pokemon with the same species of Pokemon.

For example, if you’re facing a Charizard Master Trainer then you must use only Charizard. It will be intriguing to see how Pokemon battles between the likes of Ditto and Magikarp play out!

Pokemon Master Trainer Rules

As stated above, the main Pokemon Master Trainer rule is that you battle with the exact same species of Pokemon.


There is one more rule though, neither you or the Master Trainer can use items during the Pokemon battle. It’s that simple, there are no more rules! Do this for all 151 Master Trainers to become the ultimate Pokemon master.

Pokemon Master Trainer Charizard

Where to Find the Master Trainers

Much like when you find wild Pokemon, Master Trainers are scattered all over Kanto region. It isn’t like finding a needle in haystack, however.

They are clearly highlighted as they will be thinking about their favorite Pokemon which is displayed as a picture above their head. Moreover, the colour of their attire is also different from other Pokemon trainers.


Here are the locations of all Master Trainers in Pokemon Let’s Go:

Pokedex # Pokemon Master Trainer Location Notes
1 Bulbasaur Route 4
2 Ivysaur Route 14 Bottom east corner next to the water
3 Venusaur Exit of Victory Road
4 Charmander Celadon Condominiums Game Freak Studio, enter through the back
5 Charmeleon Route 10 Exit of Rock Tunnel
6 Charizard Route 23 Outside Indigo Plateau
7 Squirtle Route 12 Just outside Lavender Town
8 Wartortle Route 20 Next to the northern barrier rocks
9 Blastoise Seaform Islands Entrance South-east
10 Caterpie Route 18 Just west of Fuchsia City
11 Metapod Route 11 Just before Route 12, north-east
12 Butterfree Route 2 and Viridian Forest Building connecting the two
13 Weedle Viridian Forest Just inside on the south side
14 Kakuna Route 13 East side
15 Beedrill Route 8
16 Pidgey Route 2
17 Pidgeotto Route 16 Far west
18 Pidgeot Route 12 and Lavender Town Upstairs of building connecting the two
19 Rattata Route 10 Just north of Pokemon Center
20 Raticate Cerulean City House with burglary
21 Spearow Pewter City Just outside Pokemon Center
22 Fearow Route 18 Just west of Fuchsia City
23 Ekans Route 4
24 Arbok Celadon City Game Corner, floor B1
25 Pikachu Viridian Forest North just before Pewter City
26 Raichu Pokemon Tower Second to top floor
27 Sandshrew Route 11 Just outside Diglett’s Cave
28 Sandslash Route 7 Building connecting Celadon City and Saffron City
29 Nidoran (F) Route 3
30 Nidorina Celadon City/Lavender Town Undeground passageway
31 Nidoqueen Route 23 Just before Victory Road
32 Nidoran (M) Route 4 Just before Mt Moon
33 Nidorino Celadon City/Lavender Town Undeground passageway
34 Nidoking Route 23 Just before Victory Road
35 Clefairy Saffron City In front of building
36 Clefable Mt Moon One floor down close to entrance
37 Vulpix Route 6 Just south of building connecting Saffron City
38 Ninetales Route 9
39 Jigglypuff Pewter City Pokemon Center
40 Wigglytuff Silph Co In front of room where you fought Giovanni
41 Zubat Rock Tunnel One floor down close to exit
42 Golbat Victory Road One floor up close to exit
43 Oddish Viridian City Just outside Poke Mart
44 Gloom Pewter City Just outside Pokemon Center
45 Vileplume Route 14
46 Paras Mt Moon First room, north-east corner
47 Parasect Route 2 East side
48 Venonat Route 24 Left of Nugget Bridge
49 Venomoth Route 15
50 Diglett Digglet’s Cave Entrance coming from Route 2
51 Dugtrio Digglet’s Cave Just after entrance coming from Route 11
52 Meowth Viridian City Inside Poke Mart
53 Persian Celadon City Team Rocket Hideout
54 Psyduck Route 21 West by the barrier rocks
55 Golduck Route 4 Just outside Cerulean Cave
56 Mankey Route 5
57 Primeape Route 11 and Route 12 Upstairs of building connecting the two
58 Growlithe Route 7 Near Saffron City entrance
59 Arcanine Celadon City Building south-east corner
60 Poliwag Route 12
61 Poliwhirl Cerulean City House left of the Pokemon Center
62 Poliwrath Cerulean CIty Back of the house in the garden
63 Abra Viridian City South-west corner
64 Kadabra Saffron City Inside My Psychic’s house
65 Alakazam Route 10 Outside exit of Rock Tunnel
66 Machop Silph Co 4th floor
67 Machoke Fuchsia City House in south-east corner
68 Machamp Vermillion City North-east
69 Bellsprout Viridian City Classroom
70 Weepinbell Pokemon Tower Top floor
71 Victreebel Celadon City Just outside gym
72 Tentacool Seaform Islands Fuchsia City side
73 Tentacruel Route 20 Island
74 Geodude Rock Tunnel
75 Graveler Victory Road
76 Golem Pewter CIty Museum of Science
77 Ponyta Saffron City Outside Poke Mart
78 Rapidash Saffron City North-west corner
79 Slowpoke Route 21 Small island
80 Slowbro Route 21 Island just before Pallet Town
81 Magnemite Route 5 and Route 6 Undeground passageway
82 Magneton Route 5 and Route 7 Undeground passageway
83 Farfetch’d Vermillion City Outside Pokemon Center
84 Doduo Cerulean City Inside Bike Shop
85 Dodrio Route 15
86 Seel Seaform Islands East side of first floor
87 Dewgong Seaform Islands Deep inside
88 Grimer Celadon City Across the water
89 Muk Pokemon Mansion 2nd floor
90 Shellder Route 19
91 Cloyster Seaform Islands Outside exit, Cinnabar Island side
92 Gastly Lavender Town Outside Pokemon Tower
93 Haunter Lavender Town Hiding between two buildings
94 Gengar Lavender Town Behind Poke Mart
95 Onix Celadon City and Lavender Town Undeground passageway
96 Drowzee Viridian City Inside Pokemon Center
97 Hypno Pokemon Tower Middle floor
98 Krabby Vermillion City Pokemon fan house
99 Kingler Silph Co Main entrance inside
100 Voltorb Power Plant
101 Electrode Route 17
102 Exeggcute Route 24 Right of Nugget Bridge
103 Exeggutor Cinnabar Island
104 Cubone Saffron City and Route 8 Building connecting the two
105 Marowak Lavender Town House next to Pokemon Center
106 Hitmonlee Saffron City Fighting Dojo
107 Hitmonchan Saffron City Fighting Dojo
108 Lickitung Celadon City and Route 17 Upstairs of building connecting the two
109 Koffing Route 17
110 Weezing Celadon City Team Rocket Hideout B2
111 Rhyhorn Route 17
112 Rhydon Celadon City Team Rocket Hideout B1
113 Chansey Fuchsia City Inside Pokemon Center
114 Tangela Route 15
115 Kangaskhan Fuchsia City Outside Go Park
116 Horsea Route 19 Next to the eastern barrier rocks
117 Seadra Route 12 In the water
118 Goldeen Route 12 In the water
119 Seaking Route 13 In the water
120 Staryu Fuchsia City On the beach, south
121 Starmie Route 25 Outside Bill’s house
122 Mr. Mime Celadon Condominiums Game Freak Studio, second floor
123 Scyther Fuchsia City and Route 15 Upstairs of building connecting the two
124 Jynx Route 4 Outside Cerulean Cave
125 Electabuzz Route 9 West of Power Plant
126 Magmar Pokemon Mansion First floor
127 Pinsir Fuchsia City and Route 18 Upstairs of building connecting the two
128 Tauros Fuchsia City Outisde Go Park
129 Magikarp Route 3 Inside Pokemon Center
130 Gyarados Celadon City Hotel, south-east corner
131 Lapras Pokemon Tower
132 Ditto Pokemon Mansion Third floor
133 Eevee Route 17
134 Vaporeon Celadon City Department Store, second floor
135 Jolteon Celadon City Department Store, third floor
136 Flareon Celadon City Department Store, fourth floor
137 Porygon Celadon City Game Corner, first room
138 Omanyte Mt Moon Two floors down
139 Omastar Cinnabar Island Pokemon Lab
140 Kabuto Mt Moon Two floors down
141 Kabutops Pewter CIty House, north-east corner
142 Aerodactyl Pewter CIty Museum of Science
143 Snorlax Route 16 Near entrance of Celadon City
144 Articuno Seaform Islands Close to original Articuno
145 Zapdos Power Plant Close to original Zapdos
146 Moltres Victory Road Close to original Moltress
147 Dratini Route 23
148 Dragonair Seaform Islands Floor above Articuno
149 Dragonite Cerulean City House behind Pokemon Center
150 Mewtwo Pokemon Mansion Bottom floor
151 Mew Pokemon Mansion Bottom floor

Pokemon Let’s Go Difficulty

The brand new Pokemon Let’s Go feature, Master Trainers, will be a welcome addition to the Pokemon video game series.

A lot of the older Pokemon fans will have played through the Kanto region several times before. As a result, this brand new, challenging addition to the Pokemon series will be met with open arms.

Once you’ve completed all the Master Trainers why not do some shiny hunting! We discuss how to find shiny Pokemon and increase their odds of spawning below:

When you complete each of the Pokemon Let’s Go Master Trainers you’ll be given the coveted title of Grand Master.


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