Pokemon Let’s Go Map | Kanto Region

Pokemon fans are delighted that the Kanto region is the Pokemon Let’s Go map. The iconic setting has got Pokemon fans, young and old, excited for the Pokemon Let’s Go release.

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Pokemon Let’s Go Map

The Kanto region was the first Pokemon region to be introduced and is therefore the setting of the very first Pokemon games, namely Pokemon Red and Blue. It is also the setting of Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green and of course Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

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It is home to generation one Pokemon – the first 151 Pokemon. Kanto region is situated east of the Johto region, the setting of Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

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Pokemon Let’s Go Map Design

Kanto Region – Cities, Towns and Gym Leaders

Given the popularity of the Pokemon video game series and especially the earlier games, Kanto is home to some of the most iconic Pokemon cities and towns. Here is a list of those cities/towns, gym leaders/badges and any other prevalent information.

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City/Town Gym Leader Badge Type Information
Pallet Town N/A N/A N/A Starting and home town. Calm and tranquil.
Viridian City Giovanni/Blue Earth Ground City before Viridian Forest and city leading to Indigo Plateau.
Pewter City Brock Boulder Rock Home to the Museum of Science.
Cerulean City Misty Cascade Water Water city and home of the bike shop.
Vermillion City Lt. Surge Thunder Electric Serves as a port for the S.S. Anne
Lavender Town N/A N/A N/A Known for ghost sightings, home of the Pokemon Tower and a gravesite for Pokemon.
Celadon City Erika Rainbow Grass Most populated city in Kanto. Home to a department store and casino.
Saffron City Sabrina Marsh Psychic Second biggest city in terms of population. Along with Cerulean, the only city that has four routes into it.
Fuchsia City Koga/Janine Soul Poison Home to the Safari Zone which has since been replaced with the Go Park.
Cinnabar Island Blaine Volcano Fire Home to the Pokemon Mansion. Pre-generation four it is the only gym located on an island.
Indigo Plateau N/A N/A N/A Capital of the Pokemon League.

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Pokemon Let’s Go vs Fire Red

The hardware running Pokemon RPGs has come on leaps and bounds over the past two decades. Consequently, the Kanto region has changed a lot.

Kanto Region Pallet Town Comparison – Pokemon Red/Blue, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Let’s Go (Top left to bottom right)

Pokemon Red and Blue

The earliest version of Kanto was in the Gameboy classics, Pokemon Red and Blue. As a result Kanto was nothing more than black and white pixels. Back then it may have seemed like the map was big but by today’s standard it is surprisingly small.

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow was very similar to Pokemon Red and Blue but encapsulated the story from the Pokemon anime. It was released on the Gameboy Color which meant the Kanto region had a little more colour to it. Cities were distinguished by various colours. For example, Cerulean City was blue and Lavender Town purple.

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Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

With Fire Red and Leaf Green utilising the improved Gameboy Advance hardware, Kanto had numerous colours for the first time.

Pokemon Let’s Go News

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