Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer reveals new Battle Theme and it slaps

pokemon legends arceus new battle theme

A new trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus was just released. While it may not have featured any new gameplay, it does reveal the game’s new Battle Theme.

Pokemon titles have some of the most iconic soundtracks as far as video games are concerned. From the beautiful melody of Eterna Forest to the haunting chiptune in Lavender Town, these tracks are part of the reason Pokemon games are so memorable.

But above all other tracks, each game’s Battle Theme is objectively the most recognizable. It’s the song players hear most often, and it invokes a wide range of emotions from fans; the dread of another encounter, or the excitement of an impending fight.

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The rate at which a player hears the Battle Theme in a Pokemon game makes it one of the title’s most important tracks. Luckily, the Battle Theme for Pokemon Legends Arceus was recently revealed, and it is one of the best yet.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Battle Theme revealed

pokemon legends areceus wild gyaradosThe Pokemon Company
A wild enraged Gyarados attacks players in Pokemon Legends Arceus

A new trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus was posted by Nintendo South Africa Distributor on YouTube – the channel of the official distributor of Nintendo products in South Africa.

Legends Arceus is taking Pokemon into a new era of mainline games. A traveling professor tasks players with traveling around the Hisui region to complete its first-ever Pokedex. As we’ve seen so far, Hisui takes great inspiration from traditional Japanese culture.

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And that’s the case for the game’s Battle Theme, as well. The music sounds like something you’d hear during an intense anime fight scene, and the visuals GameFreak chose for the trailer further solidify that feeling.

Sadly, the trailer is only 30 seconds long, so players only get a small taste of what’s to come. Regardless, the Pokemon Legends Arceus Battle Theme makes the trailer worth playing a few dozen times.

The release of Pokemon Legends Arceus is a little over a month away, so there’s sure to be more music and content revealed soon. But if the new Battle Theme is any indication of the rest of the game’s music, players are in for a treat.

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