Pokemon Legends Arceus player discovers hidden area & fans are mindblown

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Pokemon Legends Arceus player discovers hidden location & fans are mindblown
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A Pokemon Legends Arceus player discovered an area many trainers didn’t know existed that was hidden in plain sight all along and it’s got the community going wild.

From hunting Shiny ‘mon to braving Space-Time Distortions, players have been exploring every inch of the Hisui region since the Nintendo Switch title was released on January 28, 2022.

Something that was missed though was a hidden spot in Jubilife Village that many didn’t realize was even there until a TikToker went viral for pointing it out.

Hidden area in Pokemon Legends Arceus

TikTok user ‘3rdace’ uploaded their video in February that revealed there is a balcony leading off from the side of Commander Kamado’s office. “Sharing so no one else has to throw 30 Feather Balls to catch [the Unown],” they captioned it.

This is in reference to the Unown W hiding on the left Magikarp statue’s eye atop the Galaxy Building. Previously, many players (including us!) thought the only way to catch it was to throw a Jet Ball up there from the ground – but that’s not actually the case.

The clip reveals two doors in the NPCs office that open out onto a balcony which then leads directly to the statue and the Pokemon, where you can snag it at close range using a regular Poke Ball.

(Click here if the following TikTok video doesn’t load)

Fans in the comments who were unaware that the balcony existed were stunned. “you gotta be kidding me!” one wrote. “THE WHOLE TIME??? The whole- THE WHOLE TIME???” another asked.

One player even saw the doors but thought it was a bookshelf. “I THOUGHT IT WAS A BOOKSHELF!” they exclaimed. “A BOOKSHELF!!!”

Finally, one trainer summed up how we’re feeling about this shocking revelation: “So I have thrown, like, 20 Jet Balls for nothing?!” Yes, yes you have.

pokemon tiktok comments
Fans were shocked at the hidden area.

If you haven’t caught the Unown W yet, now you know the easiest way to get the ‘mon and have saved yourself the potential pain of losing many Balls from trying to grab it from the ground.

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