Pokemon Legends Arceus leak reveals Pokemon won’t evolve as normal

pokemon legends arceus evolve screenPokemon

An interesting change to the way Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Legends Arceus has been seemingly uncovered in a dump of leaked information. 

The next installment in the video game series takes players to the Hisui Region – giving them a chance to traverse a much older version of Sinnoh, with a jump back in time.

A number of Hisuian forms had already been confirmed or leaked ahead of its release date, on January 28, though some massive developments have come after one trainer revealed they had snagged an early copy on January 18.

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Just a day later, a screenshot has done the rounds on Reddit and Twitter, showing that the age-old evolution method will not apply this time.

Instead of automatically evolving at a certain level, it appears that it will be switching to manual.

Leak uncovers Pokemon evolution change

Of course, trainers have always had the opportunity to cancel the moment your Pokemon’s opportunity to evolve. Though, trainers might have more power over that process very soon.

In a series of Pokemon Legends Arceus leaks, Poryleeks has potentially shed some light on how evolutions will work.

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A leaked screenshot says: “Some Pokemon can undergo evolution, which changes their appearance and stats.”

Nothing new there, but take a look at this: “If one Pokemon has met the requirements to evolve, you’ll be able to select the Evolve option when viewing the Pokemon in your satchel.”

Hisuian Voltorb appearing in Pokemon Legends ArceusNintendo
Wondering how you’ll be able to evolve this little fella? Well, leaks might have the answer.

Clearly, this will be very handy for people looking to evolve their Pokemon later than usual.

Not only does it add a new step to the evolution process fans have been following for years, but it gives them the chance to have their Pokemon evolve later than usual, without the hassle.

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They could do this already by canceling with every level that’s increased or having to find an Everstone to have the Pokemon carry it.

How to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Based on leaked information, the new manual evolution process looks like this in Pokemon Legends Arceus:

  1. Load up Pokemon Legends Arceus.
  2. Battle until your Pokemon reaches its normal level required to evolve.
  3. Open up your Satchel.
  4. Click on the Pokemon you wish to evolve.
  5. Hit the ‘evolve’ option to start the process.

As with any leaks, it’s always worth taking this information with a pinch of salt until it’s confirmed.