Pokemon Legends Arceus leak reveals new Primal forms & DLC plans

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon insider claims to have leaked major details about Pokemon Legends Arceus. The 2022 RPG will reportedly get new Primal Forms, DLC, and much more.

While confirmed to not be open world, Pokemon Legends Arceus still looks to be Game Freak’s most ambitious project to date. From the new Frenzied Noble Pokemon to the sprawling lands of the Hisui region, the RPG is shaping up to be an epic adventure.

According to a massive leak, the Japanese developer has a lot more in store for us. The rumor alleges that the upcoming title will bring back familiar Mythical Legendaries, Primal forms, and whole lot more.

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Pokemon Legend Arceus Phone screenshotGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
A new rumor claims to have leaked major Pokemon Legends Arceus details.

Huge Pokemon Legends Arceus leak

On October 1, prominent Pokemon leaks account ‘CentroLeaks’ posted a cryptic message on Twitter that read “SE, P.DP, D22.” After days of intrigue, the website revealed what they claim is a major leak about the 2022 Game Freak title.

According to the insider, Pokemon Legends Arceus is going to feature starter evolutions, which means Cyndaquil, Oshawott and Rowlet would get a new Hisuian evolution, and that the title will also feature Primal forms for Legendaries Dialga and Palkia.

The tweet also claims that Legends will get a DLC release in 2022. “This is all for Legends BTW. We told you BDSP wasn’t worth covering months ago,” the account wrote in their social media post.

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CentroLeaks posts supposed Pokemon Legends Arceus leaks on twitterTwitter: CentroLeaks
The Pokemon outlet claims to have leaked major Pokemon Legends Arceus details.

While Centro seemed confident in their information, they also followed up the post with a second tweet of potential further leaks that they were not able to verify: “Unverified info: Full Disclosure: Take this with a grain of salt, this is not verified. Comes from a separate, unverified source.”

The account then listed the other rumored features: “New uncatchable Arceus form, New Legendary quartet, New Mythical, Hisuian Mewtwo, DLC about Primal Giratina?”

Centro Leaks posted unverified Pokemon Legends Arceus rumor twet

Interestingly, this isn’t the first thing to have supposedly leaked about Legends Arceus recently. CentroLeaks had also teased two new Hisuian Forms for Electrode and Voltorb. The rumor was then backed up by another prominent leaker named the ‘Chinese Riddler’ a day later.

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As is always the case, take everything with a major grain of salt. Rumors like this often don’t pan out, and nothing is official unless The Pokemon Company themselves announce it.

Still, with so many leaks floating around about the 2022 title, it’s hard not to wonder if there is any truth to it. Perhaps a Pokemon Direct will be around the corner soon.