Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch turns trainer into Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus glitchThe Pokemon Company

A strange Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch that no one’s been able to explain turned a player’s Trainer shiny.

Developer Game Freak released Pokemon Legends Arceus as an action role-playing title earlier this year on the Nintendo Switch. While the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl prequel adventure blew fans away, like most games, it isn’t without its fair share of flaws.

For example, walking around Irida in a certain area can basically break the game. Some glitches are known to let players cheat death.

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And one weird bug, in particular, turns normally docile trees into a Pokemon Trainer’s worst enemy. The oddities don’t stop there, either.

Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch make your Trainer glow

Typically, Pokemon Trainers aren’t supposed to glow like a firefly. Upon seeing their character do just that in Pokemon Legends Arceus, player Responsible_Clothes2 went to Reddit for answers.

“Has anyone else’s character been glowing like this or am I crazy,” the Redditor asked. A short gameplay clip accompanied the post, showing the playable Trainer glowing with a bright yellow hue, not unlike a Yellow Lantern.

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Unfortunately, it seems no one in the thread knew what caused the glitch or how to fix it. Other Redditors have experienced the same error, however, with one person saying their character started to glow after completing the Balloon Challenge in the Cobalt Coastlands.

Meanwhile, a few other commenters suggested this particular Pokemon Legends Arceus error constitutes a “Noble glitch.”

Of course, several users were well-equipped with jokes, including those of the Dragon Ball Z variety. “I’m not sure what happened to you, but you better go kill Frieza,” one Redditor said in jest.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is in stores now for Nintendo Switch.