Pokemon leaker claims Legends Arceus will be the most difficult Pokemon game yet

Pokemon Legends Arceus Rei throwing PokeballGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon franchise’s jump into the open-world genre seems as though it will give players a serious challenge. According to a leaker, Pokemon Legends Arceus will be one of the series’ most difficult games due to one feature.

Game Freak gave us our first major look at Pokemon Legends Arceus during an August Presents and the 2022 title looks to be the series’ most ambitious evolution yet. From ground and flying mounts to the new Hisuian Forms, fans have a lot to be excited about.

According to one leaker, the Nintendo Switch RPG will also address the franchise’s biggest complaint of being “too easy” as well.  The project’s gameplay design will reportedly give Trainers a proper challenge as they explore the vast map.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus campingGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon Legends Arceus mechanic may make the open-world title a real challenge.

Pokemon Legends Arceus’ difficulty

After Game Freak gave previews for Pokemon Legends, leaks account CentroPokemon tweeted out about one of the open-world title’s features. According to their social media account, the 2022 project is ditching the inventory mechanic that allowed players to access every item they owned at any time.

“Unlike previous games, in Pokemon Legends you will not be able to access all your objects at all times,” they wrote. The inventory implementation appears to be similar to older generation titles such as Red & Blue or Gen II’s Gold & Silver. The leaker also added that Trainers will have to be strategic with what items they decide to bring with them when exploring.

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“Your space in the bag will be limited and you will have to think about what objects to bring for the mission. You can have the rest of the objects in storage,” the tweet explained. If true, the open-world project sounds like it will have a “survival” element to it as players explore the Hisuian region for the very first time.

Pokemon Leaker Legends Arceus feature tweet

Popular Pokemon YouTuber ‘HDvee’ reacted to the social media posts and explained why the gameplay design would lead to a more challenging Pokemon title – especially when compared to previous generation releases.

“The fact that you have to kind of think about what items you’re gonna be bringing for certain missions is just going to make the game more difficult. Because you’re not spoiled for choice, and you have to pick and choose. So with every mission, you have to think about how you are going to tackle it.”

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Pokemon Legends Arceus crafting

The YouTuber also brought up an official tweet from Nintendo that detailed how “critical” crafting items will be in Pokemon Legends Arceus. HDvee pointed out that the new inventory system that Centro talked about could pose a real challenge when tied to this mechanic.

“But again, maybe that means you can’t store everything. So again you gotta pick and choose what you’re picking up. Like see what kind of things you need to craft for certain missions. I don’t know, things might get a bit more difficult and tricky.”

With everything we know so far, the game’s camping feature might become one of the most important mechanics. If the inventory system is really that limited, players are gonna have to rely on the make-shift location to store their items.

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Only time will tell how much of this ends up being true. However, Pokemon Legends Arceus looks to be Game Freak’s most ambitious project to date. Perhaps this will be the challenging title that so many fans have been wanting for years.