Pokemon leak hints at upcoming remasters

Paul Cot

If you like Pokemon game remasters then you could be in luck. Another leak has seemingly revealed that some form of remaster(s) are coming to the franchise soon.

The reliable nintendalerts Twitter account shared the following (translated): “And to think that people complain about the [Mario] remasters, when they see the Pokémon thing that’s coming, they’re going to complain [even more].”

According to Centro Pokemon Leaks, a reliable source of information themselves, the nintendalerts account has a good track record when it comes to Nintendo.

What Pokemon remaster?!

The leak itself is frustratingly coy. They obviously infer some type of remaster is coming but don’t address it directly.

It isn’t clear whether the vagueness is intentional or that they’re hinting at information they have been told to keep quiet. “It’s not specified whether this could be a game, expansion, collection or anything classic related,” Centro Pokemon Leaks added in a subsequent tweet.

With Crown Tundra still to come in 2020, it’s unlikely we’ll get an announcement about a new Pokemon game until after it is released. There had been many rumors of a return to the Sinnoh region in 2020 but as the year passes this becomes less and less likely.

That doesn’t mean a Pokemon Diamond/Pearl remake isn’t coming, though. Another rumor even claimed we’ll be getting another Sinnoh game but it won’t be a Diamond and Pearl remaster.

2021 will almost certainly bring a brand new game and if it isn’t a Gen 4 remaster, then a sequel to the popular Pokemon Let’s Go game could be next. It is expected, if it does materialize, to be based on the Johto region and more specifically the original Gold and Silver games.

However, this leak could refer to something else entirely. It would certainly be out of character, but maybe some form of remastered collection could be on the horizon.

It’s looking like 2021 could be a big year for Pokemon fans. After all, it is the franchise’s 25th anniversary!