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Pokemon Journeys part 2 Netflix release date revealed

Published: 14/Aug/2020 19:35

by Brent Koepp


Part two of the Pokemon Journeys anime now has a US release date, following its hiatus since June. The second half of the animation makes its return on Netflix soon.

Nintendo’s wildly successful Pokemon franchise got its latest title Sword & Shield in 2019. As is tradition, the game has an anime featuring Ash Ketchum to coincide with the new generation.


In the US, Journeys made its debut on Netflix in June. However after a two month break, the second batch of episodes will return to the streaming service in September.

pokemon journeys fat pikachu
The Pokemon Company / Netflix
The latest Pokemon anime features Sword & Shield’s Galar region.

Pokemon Journeys part 2 US release date

Journeys is the 23rd season of the anime, and centers on Ash Ketchum and new protagonist Goh. The story follows the duo as they travel across all eight regions in the franchise, including Gen VIII’s Galar.


After its successful launch in June, the animation was on hiatus for a few months. However on August 14, an update on the Netflix streaming app revealed when the beloved series would be making its return in the US.

According to popular Pokemon outlet Serebii, the release date was revealed to be September 11. “The Netflix app states that the second batch of episodes of Pokemon Journeys will be released on Netflix in the US on September 11, 2020,” their tweet read.

So far, the series has heavily featured the Galar region, including characters such as Sonia and the reigning champion Leon. The anime has also brought Gen VIII’s epic Dynamax battles to life, and even featured the return of the classic fat Pikachu in its G-Max form.


Fans of the 2010 release Black and White are in luck, as the second part of the anime will see Ash and Goh visiting the Unova region. The popular titles originally landed on the Nintendo DS and were so popular, they got a direct sequel.

If you haven’t seen the first 12 episodes of Journeys, there is still time to get up to speed. Netflix has the entirety of part one on its service right now, giving viewers another month to fully catch up with the story before the second part.


My Hero Academia cosplayer terrifies as sinister Himiko Toga

Published: 30/Sep/2020 12:02

by Matt Porter


A My Hero Academia cosplayer has shown off her perfect take on one of the anime’s most terrifying characters, the blood-thirsty and unpredictable villain Himiko Toga. 

The ultra-popular anime made it’s stunning debut back in 2016, and has captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers across the globe as they follow the story of Izuku Midoriya, a young man learning to control his newly found superpowers as he attempts to become the number one pro hero and fight against the evil League of Villains.


Throughout his time studying at U.A. High School, Deku has many ferocious and dangerous encounters with the villainous organization, and while they may be the bad guys in this epic story, one of the antagonists has enthralled fans above anyone else, with the sinister schoolgirl Himiko Toga quickly becoming a fan favorite, and one of the most popular characters from the series to cosplay.

Himiko Toga in My Hero Academia.
Bone Inc
Himiko Toga is a vicious villain with a taste for blood.

While Himiko may not look terrifying at first glance, the young woman has a truly sinister side that matches her seemingly innocent shapeshifting quirk. To transform into someone else, Himiko needs the blood of her intended target, and make no mistake, she takes great pleasure in extracting the red liquid she needs, often carrying around a knife just on the off-chance that she encounters someone she can slice.


In fact, Toga often wears vials around her neck to collect any blood she needs, something that Instagram user ‘pinkupandaa‘ captured perfectly in her incredible cosplay, complete with the massive and scary teeth that make up part of her headgear. Her hair is styled perfectly too, sitting either side of her head in two messy buns, just like the character.

Yuka has also matched her outfit too, with a red handkerchief tied around her neck, and her classic school uniform with a beige top and navy skirt. The cosplay is so good that it looks like Himiko has just been taken out of the show and dropped into real life, making this one of the best Toga cosplays we’ve seen.

Since it’s release in 2016, My Hero Academia has become a fan-favorite across the globe, and for the first time ever, was dual broadcasted in both English and Japanese so viewers across the planet could catch all the action at the same time.


With Season 4 now completed, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the fifth, and while it has been confirmed, there’s currently no release date or trailer.