Pokemon HOME may charge more to transfer Pokemon GO legendaries, shinies

The Pokemon Company

Pokemon GO players transferring all their favorite shiny and legendary Pokémon to Pokémon HOME may be stung with a pretty hefty energy cost, a new 0.191.0 datamine has revealed, and fans are already less than thrilled.

Support for Pokemon GO in Nintendo’s cloud service ‘Pokemon HOME’ has been something the fanbase has been calling for since HOME was unveiled. When news came late in September this was indeed on its way, the fandom was overjoyed.

That joy has soured slightly, however, as 0.191.0 datamines continue to reveal details about the long-awaited Pokémon GO to HOME transfers, and their hidden costs.

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The most recent twist relates to shinies and legendaries. According to the 0.191.0 code, uncovered by dataminers PokeMiners, a Pokémon’s class ⁠— legendary, mythical, etc ⁠— as well as if they’re shiny, will affect HOME transfer costs.

That means any trainer wanting to swap their hard-earned GO captures over to HOME may have to fork out a stack of energy. That comes on top of the reported cooldowns on transfers, which can only be sped up by in-game purchases.

PokeMiners reported there are “four settings” for transfer costs added so far.

shiny zeraora pokemonThe Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Transferring shiny Pokemon GO critters may set you back a hefty chunk of transporter energy.

The whole situation is a bit of shock, especially with how hard The Pokémon Company is going with monetizing Pokemon swaps between GO and the HOME cloud service.

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The main problem trainers are having, as Dexerto understands, is that HOME already has a subscription fee attached. To then add more purchases to “speed up transfers” or swap over rarer Pokemon feels “pretty greedy,” some said.

The other option is to wait for the HOME Transporter to cool down, but this could take hours or days. Pokécoins are the quicker, but more expensive, choice.

Pokemon Home GiftPokemon Company
Pokemon Home’s long-awaited arrival has been shrouded by Pokécoins controversies.

The ability to finally swap all your hard-earned Pokemon GO critters over to Pokemon HOME, and then onto Sword & Shield is still exciting though, even if it’s been overshadowed a little by the polarising 0.191.0 leaks in the past few days.

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The Pokémon Company has yet to confirm when the transfer feature will be added to its flagship handheld game. Considering it’s been added to the 0.191.0 code, however, it should be pretty soon ⁠— sit tight, it’s finally on its way!