Pokemon invade Los Santos in amazing GTA 5 mod

. 3 years ago

It seems there are GTA mods for just about anything these days, so it should be no surprise one for Pokemon has surfaced – again.

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GTA 5’s Halloween update gave players the ability to transform into animals — because why wouldn’t it, it has done everything else already. Following the update it didn’t take long for someone to think, what’s better to transform into than an animal — a Pokemon, of course!

The update is limited to single player, so no, you can’t go round battling each other as the likes of Pikachu and Eevee. However, you can have a lot of fun with a variety of species including Charmander, Charizard and Squirtle.

Mixing GTA and Pokemon can only be a winner.
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This particular mod changes your character into a Pokemon which presents many hilarious situations. Who would have thought you’d get to see Charmander in a boxing ring with a hammer. Not even the folk at Nintendo would have been able to think that one up…

A compilation of the mod can be seen below. It was posted by Redditor MyNameGifOreilly, but it isn’t clear whether the mod comes from them or where you can find it.

via Gfycat

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Even if you can, it probably won’t be around for long though, as Nintendo don’t take kindly to people using their copyrighted IP, which has already been seen with the removal of a bunch of Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks.

The mod also shows us what Pokemon may look like in a PC game as opposed to the handheld Switch, Nintendo’s latest console.

This isn’t the first time a Pokemon mod has come to Grand Theft Auto either. After Pokemon Go was released in the summer of 2016, modders quickly brought the popular mobile game to the streets of Los Santos.

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It was pretty basic compared to Niantic’s rendition, but there were PokeStops dotted throughout the map with Pokemon such as Geodude and Psyduck to capture. In truth, this was poor compared to the latest mod, however.

While the idea was fun, a lot of species didn’t have eyes and the novelty wore off pretty quickly, unlike the actual mobile game itself which is still going strong more than three years later.

More than six years after it released, there is still plenty of content being produced for Rockstar’s flagship game — a testament to just how great GTA is.

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