Pokemon Go’s new PokeCoin system is more inclusive, trainer argues

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There’s no doubt that a lot of trainers have been critical of the new Pokemon Go PokeCoin system. One trainer has explained why they think it is an improvement on the old one, though.

The new system went into testing back in May of this year. Since then it has been introduced to new regions and fine-tuned in an attempt to match trainer’s high expectations.

The initial feedback was clear – trainers believed the changes made earning PokeCoins even harder. This was due to the addition of adding daily tasks to earn those PokeCoins.

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The earning of PokeCoins has been much debated over the past few months…

Multiple ways to get PokeCoins

On paper, this sounded like a good idea but in the eyes of many, it just made earning the maximum 50 PokeCoins even harder. An example of the set of required tasks is as follows:

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  • Transfer a Pokemon
  • Catch a Pokemon
  • Win a raid
  • Make a Great Throw
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt

Some of these tasks take no time at all and they can of course vary day by day. The only one of these that may cause some trainers problem is “Win a raid”.

This can be difficult for those who don’t have a gym near them. Given the reward here is 20 PokeCoins, it means using a Remote Raid Pass isn’t worth it either. That aside though, if you can avoid the Win a raid task then it is a relatively easy 20 PokeCoins.

The counter-argument to this is the new system fragments earning coins even more. This makes earning those 50 coins take even longer as well.

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Suits regions with hyper-competitive gyms

This is a fair point but for regions with hyper-competitive gym scenes – such as Taiwan – the new system is more inclusive. One trainer who is a resident of Taipei explains why the new system suits them: “The old coin system of 50 coins for 8+ hours in a gym was impossible for any but the most dedicated of gym attackers. It would take several hours per day just to get the daily gym 50 coins; believe me, I tried being that guy years ago.”

While the new system won’t get the much-coveted 50 PokeCoins a day, it will allow trainers who live in such competitive regions of the world, at least 20 coins.

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It seems the new system is a way to make it easier for those in densely populated areas. This is something that may irk rural players though, as this was one of the few advantages they had over their urban counterparts.

Niantic have yet to announce when, and if, the new system will be introduced universally. There could be some further tweaking before it is released, but expect some type of correspondence on that matter soon.