Pokemon Go adds new boost for encounters with Daily Adventure incense

Zackerie Fairfax
pokemon go daily adventure incense

Niantic has just announced the Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense, a new item that players can use once per day to attract more wild Pokemon – and maybe even encounter some rare species.

Pokemon Go frequently adds new items and mechanics to the game to spice up the gameplay. And with Niantic’s goal being to get players outside and exploring, many of these items work to encourage players to get out and about.

This is also shown through updates that change how preexisting items work. Incense, for example, use to spawn Pokemon every minute regardless of whether the player moved. Now, if a player uses an Incense while stationary, the game only spawns a Pokemon every five minutes.

And a new announcement from Pokemon Go introduces a new type of incense that allows players the chance to encounter even more Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense

On July 25, Pokemon Go announced the new Daily Adventure Incense. Once a day, players can activate this free Incense that will attract wild Pokemon for 15 minutes. However, it will only work if the player is moving.

If a player has less than 30 Pokeballs when the incense is used, players will automatically receive 30 Pokeballs. And if you’re lucky, you may encounter rare Pokemon that don’t frequently spawn in the wild.

After the Incense timer expires, players will be presented with a recap showing every Pokemon that was captured and how far they walked. There will also be a button that allows players to share their captures with the internet.

The Daily Adventure Incense is slowly rolling out to users across the world. When a player gains access to the Incense, Rhi will appear with a Special Research task that introduces players to the new mechanics.

This new free item is a welcome addition to the game. While it may not be the most powerful form of Incense, it at least encourages players to get out and be active for 15 minutes a day.